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Just wondered if anyone knew of any other publishers of workshop manuals other than Haynes, which are availiable to the general public. I wanted to get one for my Rover 416 Sli auto, but the one Haynes publish doesnt include the 1.6 Auto, as it is the only one in the range to have a Honda engine, instead of the Rover K series engines.
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Autobooks is/was the other commonly available manual.
If you just want 'a manual' then get whatever you can find. But the quality can be very variable. My Haynes on the Stag featured a real car that had been stripped down and photographed for every operation, so it knew what it was talking about. Other models sometimes look as if they have been written by someone who has never actually done anything, just copied out bits from another manual.
If you have something specific in mind you need it for, sneak a look first to see how detailed is the treatment of that section.
Haynes Workshop Manuals - geebee
Thanks for the help guys....The sponsership thing with Haynes sounds like a useful addition to the site...buying direct from here will be handy for a lot of people Im sure.
Im going to check out Autobooks and see if I have any luck there first...If not I thought maybe get the Honda Civic manual, as from what I can tell its pretty much an exact copy of my Rover 416...or perhaps to be safe get a Rover 400 manual for everything other than the engine, and the Honda one for the engine itself.
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Go to ebay and have a look for people selling the RAVE cd.

This is the pdf version of rovers own technical manuals.
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Clymer Manuals are very good.

They tend to major on American and European cars, so you're lucky to have the Honda engine.

You can order them from the likes of WH Smith, too.

Some librarians will get the book for you, free to loan. To do that you will need the ISBN number and again WHS can give you that.

Another thought is to look in your local or main library. You may well find that another model Honda uses your engine so specs will transfer.

Happy reading
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Stu....tut tut! ;-)
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Are you sure Haynes don't do a manual for it? I had a Haynes one for my 416GSi (1991 model). I think the chapter on the auto box was the same for every other haynes - i.e. leave it to a specialist, but it DID cover the 1.6 Honda engine. Look for the 216/416 manual...


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