Belt tension tools - Carl2
Could anyone recommend a cam belt tension tool. I have seen a Sykes tool and a sealey tool in magazines. Both of these look suitable for my diy needs ( once or twice a year). I would pay up to about £200.
Belt tension tools - Dynamic Dave
Not sure about a recommendation, but I\'ve found this with a quick search on Google.
Belt tension tools - sean
You have just caused me cardiac arrest, I think.

Either that, or my wallet has striated my groin.

£200 for a tension tool? £200 ????

What is wrong with using for thumb and finger and feeling for about 0.25 inches of up and downward movement across a six inch length of belt?

I would never use excess tools on a cambelt anyway. I changed mine on the Golf and previous Passat umpteen times.

There's a very good schematic in this link too:

It's for diesel VW's but petrols are pretty much identical
Belt tension tools - Dizzy {P}

Checking the tension by hand used to be acceptable to belt manufacturers such as Gates but they say that it is *essential* to use the proper tool on modern timing belt fitments because they have a higher duty nowadays.

I haven't used Pickavant's tensioning tool but I have a huge preference for their tools rather than Sealey. Opposite ends of the spectrum in my view.
Belt tension tools - sean
I entirely agree with you about Sykes-Pickavant being top end and Sealey the bottom. Look in "Car Mechanics" and you'll see Sealey stuff is a bit cheap and cheerful, shall we say?

I still can't see why you need a tension tool, though.

Setting things by eye and by feel is the way I've always done them and not come unstuck, yet.

I can see a tool, with an objective rather than subjective setting, being OK for someone unskilled. Just set it to this number. In practice I think you get much better settings with experience and "feel".

Send me your £200 and I'll come and set your tension, once or twice a year!

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