C3 gears - Clanger
Citroen C3, just done 12,000 miles. Gear selection has suddenly become difficult within the last 200 miles e.g. can't get first or reverse from standstill without trying a couple of times and heaving on the lever. On the move, any gear may be difficult or impossible to select, seems to be random. It doesn't feel like the synchro is baulking.

The clutch seems normal in operation, light and usual bite point.

Of course the local dealer will be able to sort this out, but have you guys any ideas in the meantime?

Mrs H says it's so bad sometimes that she wants me to lend her the Synergie. Now that's BAD!


C3 gears - Mondaywoe
I don't know the setup on the C3, but the C5 has a cable operated gearchange (of the kind favoured by Austin on 1970's Maxis :-) ) I had a new set of cables fitted to my C5 under warranty to improve a notchy gearchange - might be a similar layout on C3. In any case, use your warranty while you've got it!

(Before everyone starts to guffaw about cable gearchanges, I should maybe say that when properly adjusted, the C5 gearchange is excellent. You'd never know it worked on cables unless someone told you!)

The C5 clutch on the other hand.......is hydraulic - just to be perverse!

C3 gears - Ben79
I drove a C3 as a courtesy car, gear change was quite smooth, but not as nice as the newer gearbox fitted to the C5.

The C5 clutch is hydraulic, fairly long movement and very light. The clutch fitted to the 307 HDI I drove on sunday was awful in comparison. In fact the whole car was like a shed in comparison. To think the 307 SW is about the same price as a C5.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
C3 gears - update - Clanger
The service manager's summary was that part of the gear linkage was "below specification" and he has ordered a part. When pressed about which part he tells me that he doesn't know exactly, but that the mechanic, Ron knows what is needed. "Can I have a word with Ron, then" I ask. "Er, no, he's out on a test drive" comes the reply as he steps sideways to block my view through the window to the workshop. Hmmm.

Ron, of Brompton-on-Swale, if you are reading this, I mean you no harm, I just want to talk.



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