Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - Sarb11

I have just dropped off my Mk2 Golf (1990)1.3 61500 miles at a VW garage. The problems I have are that it is difficult to start when hot i.e once it has warmed up and I leave it for at least 30 minutes it takes 3/4 attempts to start and I have to floor the accelerator. The garage have just rung to say it takes them just two attempts and that this is normal because its a carb and not fuel injection, the guy also mentioned that it was similar to starting with a flooded engine.

Another problem I have is that sometimes it is uneven at idle speed and judders as if it is going to cut out. The garage say that this is perfectly acceptable given the age of the car.

Are Vw correct or are they just brushing me off with poor excuses?

Many Thanks
Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - commerdriver
sounds a pretty poor excuse to me My son's mk2 golf (1987) idles and runs fine after 95000+ miles could it be carburettor wear?
Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - Sarb11
I wish I knew what the problem was because that's why I've taken it to them? I think that they are pretty poor excuses myself. At over £60 an hour you'd think they would be able to find the fault.
Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - Drew20
mechanics seem to be terrified of pierburg carbs, their answer is not acceptable. My 1.6 ran rough when I bought it, I have replaced various bits of the carb and now it runs better though not perfect.
Caveats to that are that hot starts are problematic in carb golfs due to the heat from the manifolds evaporating petrol from the float chamber into the air intake which means the carb runs very rich for the first few seconds of turn over.
I know people who have put heat shield between carb and manifold to reduce this problem.
Another caveat is that the problem will be hard to pin down exactly and whilst it might be possible it will cost. It might be that they're politely telling you that your car is not worth the time it could take to bottom out all the problems it could be.
As I ahve found, you solve one probelm only for another to become apparnet that was originally masked by the first problem...etc
Its taken me 12 months to get my carb set up and its not right yet.

at a guess the rough running may be solved my weakening the idle mixture a bit
another guess would be that the settings of the auto choke could be 'improved' to help the hot start
Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - Gen
Your local mechanic who's been there 30 years (independent) has probably seen more Mk 2 Golfs than the VW mechanics. Take it to him.
Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - Roger Jones
What sort of use does it get? Is it possible that short trips are coking it up? With apologies to all those who have seen me mention this several times previously, you could try the VAG fuel additive (part number G 001 700 03) to see if it makes any difference. It certainly did on my now-departed Audi. Even if it doesn't make a difference, it's a cheap way of benefiting the engine anyway and of eliminating one possible cause of the problem. I agree that you should not accept the explanation offered by the VW garage, especially with only 61.5k on the clock -- early middle age for a VW. If the problem persists, seek out an independent VW specialist; I found an excellent one by asking a local (Hatfield) VW/Audi spares shop, and he now gets all my business. Don't forget to report back if you solve the problem.

Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - bazza
Sounds like a bit of flooding. Suspect the float valve. Agree with the advice above about taking it to a good independant - far far cheaper too! Weber used to do a replacement kit for this carb with manual choke, might be worth it if you're keeping it.
Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - flatfour
Look in directories, good garages, the one near me is a VW enthusiast, Hulins, listed under wales and west in Gloucester.
May even be worth a trip down if your not too far away.
Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Find a good independant. The main dealers arent interested in your car because it is too old and they are trying to set it up 'by the book' whereas an experienced tuner will set it up to run properly which probably means running it a little richer to smooth out the idle and give smooth progression. Hot starting should be done with the accelerator pedal depressed to about mid to threequarter throttle, not pumped, and hold the starter in till it fires. Let it rev and clear and it should be ok.

Simplicate and add lightness!
Mk2 Golf/Vw Garage problems - the vw unit
i found that my car use to cut out when realy warm, took me ages to find out what was wrong i change every part in my car but in the end it was simple where the manifold is connected to the head there should be a heat deflector there with a alloy pipe comming of it into the side of the air intak,
this allows the hot air to get to the hot cold flap and you will no longer stop lose power good luck

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