Its Gone - Mark
Where did it go?

Excellent post from Mr Wollard earlier today examining the claims of another, just about to add a post and its disappeared from the board.

It was a reasonably courteous post from Mr Wollard as well!

technical error or fear of litigation?

as ever

Re: Its Gone - Mark
Sorry David

of course I must remember, Woollard has two O's and two L's

as ever

Re: Its Gone - David Woollard
You're right Mark.

Given all that has gone on in the past few days Martyn that was an odd one to pull off.

Re: Its Gone - Stuart B
Sorry David missed it. Would have been interesting methinks.
Let it go. - David Woollard
Stuart and all,

No point going over old ground, lets leave the subject closed. For the good of the forum, as viewed by others, Martyn was right to pull it.

Re: Let it go. - Mark
Ok David

But we'll make a desperado of you yet.

As ever

Re: Let it go. - Stuart B
Yes let us get on with it in the way this site does best.

Martyn has explained his reasons, and I am quite happy about that, even though I still missed the thread.

Bit worried if I have to join the gang of four, does that mean I have to vote Democrat?

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