Cars named after people - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
My daughter is called Fabia (seriously).

Skoda have very kindly named a car after her.

Can anyone think of other models (possibly) named after people famous or otherwise?

I'm thinking: Nissan Serena, Nissan Cedric (whoever Cedric is etc etc).

Or does anyone have any relatives named after cars? (relative must have been born after the car went on sale - calling your daughter Cortina only counts if she's nearly 50).
Cars named after people - sean
A bit risque maybe,

WRONG. VERY RISQUE. Hence deleted DD.
Cars named after people - Woody

Cars named after people - Hugo {P}
Mercedes is a girls name

The founder's daughter was called Mercedes and he named the marque after her.

Also there is the VW Sharan or Sharon if you live in Essex!

and the Vauxhall Carlton - Prince of Bellair Will Smith's cousin

Well - there you go

Cars named after people - Marcos{P}
I share a name with a car.
Cars named after people - andymc {P}
My car is a Leon - an ice-cool assassin!
Ferrari's Enzo & Citroen Picasso, both named after real people.
Rolls-Royce (and TreVoR!) are named for the founders/owners, so I guess they don't really count for this one. Is this also how Morgan got their name?

Ariel - name of a character from Greek? mythology, before she became a detergent. Speaking of mythology, Fiat have a Ulysses, don't they? Maybe they should keep with the mythology and name their next car the Fiat Reliable. Stuff of legend, and all that.

Ah - Reliant Robin! Or the other way round, I never know which it is.

Today's champ at Wimbledon, (Nissan) Serena. Also the Nissan Figaro.

Morris Minor. Lotus Elise.

I guess Octavia is a girl's name as well as Fabia. Actually, Skoda also had the Estelle. Bit of a trend there.

Hmm ....

Anybody know a girl called Favorit?

Cars named after people - RickyBoy
Anybody know a girl called Favorit?

No, but I have had the pleasure of more than a couple of rather Superb gal's in my time!...
Cars named after people - PB
The latest issue of the Mercedes magazine has an artice on a couple with a daughter called Mercedez ("the z makes it a little bit different") and a son called Benz.
Cars named after people - sean
Yes, I just read that this morning.

How sad that a couple would do that to their kids.

Something about the lad's initials being BMW too.

The whole world's going bonkers, led by people like these in our country.
Cars named after people - Marcos{P}
I too read this article this morning and think the couple must be off their heads.
The kids will get so much stick at school.
Cars named after people - Bilgewater
I think there's a rugby player named Austin Healey.
Ford in the USA produced a car called an Edsel which was named after Henry Fords son.
I know a poor boy who's christian names are Harley Davidson.

Cars named after people - Andrew-T
What about the Marina of fond? memory? After Last of the Summer Wine, maybe?

And of course, Clio and Victor.
Cars named after people - smokie
Which came first - the Hillman Minx or Minnie the Minx?
Cars named after people - king arthur
There was the Nissan Micra Colette. And of course, the Nissan Cherry which was named after Neneh Cherry...err, I think.
Cars named after people - none
Wasn't there a Triumph Harold - or something like that.
Cars named after people - Doc
Ferrari Dino--named after his son.
Cars named after people - Dwight Van Driver
Maurice Minor
Stan De'vanguard
Ben Tellie
Lee Francis.......

Cars named after people - bernie
Cars named after people - bernie
Sorry did not see the previous post !
Cars named after people - Pugugly {P}
The ultimate McLaren and of Course the reverse is Ford Prefect (as any 70s teenager would know)
Cars named after people - andymc {P}
I thought of putting him in PU, but decided fictional people didn't count!

Of course, all this has been done before by Sniff Petrol, with their "Stars in Cars which have Names that are A Bit Similar" run - Neneh Cherry in the Nissan Cherry was one! Check out for the latest issue, with a new twist on the concept. Also, a fully-deserved poke at Audi - anyone who's driven one and thought the handling was like skateboarding on a waterbed will appreciate it! The whole site is a gem.
Cars named after people - Pugugly {P}
Fictional ? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

We have a near neighbour (born in the late 70s so there is really no excuse) called Marina.
Cars named after people - psychodynamic
I went to school in the 50\'s with a girl called Marina Morris, daughter of Harry Morris a local mechanic.
Cars named after people - thebouncingbunny
my totty`s hairdresser has named her 3 kids morgan aston and royce!hope royce doesnt turn out to be an enormous german overwieght comedy sized barge!(rant rant well really have you seen the new one in the metal?)
Cars named after people - sean
I used to watch Stingray at about that time.

The heroine couldn't speak (sigh, if only all women were that way!!! ) and she had a mermaid's tail.

Aqua Marina.

The signature tune was about her too.

From memory they were going to call Stingray by the name of Aquamarina, but changed it as it wasn't catchy enough.
Cars named after people - hootie
Task Tsk Sean!!!!

My daughter has a dolly she doesn't want any more, it's got a mermaid's tail and can't speak, but it's a Barbie - any good to you, she's long outgrown it?

Daughter's name is Cherry btw but has absolutely no connection with the car !!!!!
Cars named after people - Wally Zebon
What about Porsche? Lots of 80s Beverley Hills rich kids with that name.

Does Minnie Driver count?

Cars named after people - paul45
And of course not forgetting the Lancia hall of fame - namely the Deidre and the Thelma, still awaiting scooby doo and the rest of the Coronation Street cast to have cars named after them, any suggestions ?

Cars named after people - DavidHM
Vauxhall Victor anyone? Prince Henry as well. I think Carlton would be taking it too far though.

Lancia Fulvia I believe. And the Skoda Felicia. Lotus Elise, named after the then company owner's baby granddaughter.

Renault Clio and Mégane would be stretching it a bit too; apparently Megane is also Japanese for glasses, as in spectacles. Apparently.

Oh and the head of a certain VW dealership is married to a woman called Sharan, that spelling too.
Cars named after people - bugged {P}
my friends new baby has the initials CLK, wonder what he will want when hes 17 then!!!
Cars named after people - pd
If nobody else has mentioned it: Lotus Elise. Named after the then owner of Lotus's grandaughter.
Cars named after people - addy-boy
Just a few more that I've had to rack my brains to think of:

Citroen (X)SARA
Fiat MAREA which when I worked at the garage, everyone pronounced it MARIA

Cars named after people - Cliff Pope
Fiat MAREA which when I worked at the garage, everyone pronounced

As in "Black Maria" ? , named after a celebrated Cardiff black bouncer I believe.
Cars named after people - sean
Not really named after people, but how about "named after a place"?

The lovely Fiat group produces a Sellafield auto gearbox paddle shifter.

Don't I mean Selespeed?

Just ask anyone in the trade.

Fear of them blowing up means no-one will touch them just like Sellafield (Windscale if you're old enough to remember).

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