Carlton Cruise Control - BobbyDazzler
The cruise control on my 1993 Carlton CDX appears not to be working (if i'm correct....the top button furthermost from the steering wheel engages cruise/increases speed, top button nearest wheel reduces speed and lower large button disengages?)

Does the cruise control engage after just one click of this button and is there any indicator to confirm this (apart from taking ones foot off the accelerator pedal!)

There was no owners manual when i bought the car.

Finally, is this a common fault on Carlton's? and is there something i could check out? Haynes are pretty shy on this matter.

Thanks for any help.


Carlton Cruise Control - Deryck Tintagel
If it is anything like the 2001 Vectra then

- the button are as you have described them
- the cruise will control the speed after one click of the button furthest from the wheel
- there is no indicator for the cruise control in operation

It may be worth removng the indicator stalk to verify the correct operation of the switches - I can dig out the fault diagnosis information if needed. Alternatively, assuming you have a manual box, the clutch switch may be faulty. Pressinng the clutch or brake pedal disengages the cruise.

Let me know and I'll have a look at my infrmation - although I don't think that it covers Cartltons it should be possible to read across fro the Vectra
Carlton Cruise Control - smokie
I had a K reg Senator a while back and have a vague recollection of there being a dashboard button to enable/disable the stalk control. And when CC was engaged I think there was a lighted symbol (CC?)in the dash somewhere.

Check what other buttons you have actually on the dash - I think it might have been to the right of the steering wheel. The CC won't work under 30ish mph.
Carlton Cruise Control - rileyrm
Me again,the Carlton clock man!!
As far as I can remember, the stalk has one button as a secondary accelerator to take car up to desired speed,then push other button to lock at that speed. Operate again to cancel (as does operating the brake pedal)
There is also one which is a memory one which if pushed sets to last known speed set point. IE if car has not used CC for say a month,hit the memory and will go to last setting.

Be warned though, I was driving at 40mph in bad weather at night and when bringing hand up from gearstick I knocked the stalk accidently and the car surged to 80mph out of my control until I relised the problem and a quick brake stab returned me to normal speed.

Carlton Cruise Control - smokie
On the Senator the memory was cleared when you turned off the engine. But the button configuration as described is how I remember it.

You could also tap one of the buttons to increase the speed, and maybe tap another to decrease (when CC in use) but I think this is all standard functionality.
Carlton Cruise Control - BobbyDazzler
Thanks for replying fellas :)

Nope...definitely not working. There is no audible or tactile 'click' when i press that furthermost button, or any function of the CC. you know where that clutch switch is located?

Smokie....the only unidentified switch i've found is in between the drivers side electric window controls, beneath the handbrake (John knows where these are :)....but i assumed this was to facilitate locking the car from inside (no function on that either!)

This car is begining to sound a bit like the proverbial 'pig in a poke' but it's just been neglected....i'm determined to get it back to normal once again.

Thanks again.

Carlton Cruise Control - Deryck Tintagel
I guessing here as I have no experience of the Carlton and the information that I do have doesn't seem to tell me everything, but if it is like the Vectra then it will be located at the top of the clutch pedal just about the pivot and on the side closest the driver. You may need to remove the trim panel under the dash to get access. I think that the switch is closed when the clutch pedal is up. If it is there then it will be fairly obvious by the wiring going to it. If not let me know and I will have a dig about through the technical sheets

Carlton Cruise Control - Deryck Tintagel
The other thing - the switch between the window controls may be an override switch fr the automatic reverse on the electric windows. Is it just a single push button with no marking. If you have electric rear windows then it could be the isolator for them - stops little fingers getting trapped.
Carlton Cruise Control - rileyrm
If you have a manual Carlton I believe it only works in a set speed in top gear.The accelerator pedal will move on its own. Will find more info if needed.
Carlton Cruise Control - BobbyDazzler
I can't thank you guys enough....i really appreciate the time you give. you know what the speed range is? i.e. when the CC would cut in. Maybe i could take her for a spin and try it.

Many regards to all

Carlton Cruise Control - BobbyDazzler is a manual Carlton....and I NEED a manual for this Carlton ;)

(have the Haynes....hmmm :(

Carlton Cruise Control - Dynamic Dave
I NEED a manual for this Carlton ;)

Several choices;

Search the scrapyards,

Contact to see if they have any.

You could try dropping Autovaux an email, or phoning them and ask how much they could supply a new one for.

As a guide, a new one from a Vaux dealer will cost you around £10.
Carlton Cruise Control - Hugo {P}
....or simply contact the service chap at your local Vauxhall dealership and ask.

I did this for my radio on the xantia (Citroen Deaership) just after buying it at auction. It would not hold the station.

The young lady at the service desk said "Sounds like a problem with a steering wheel switch - we get them all the time here".

She was absolutely right!

Also a stupid question may be - Have you checked the fuses?

Carlton Cruise Control - rileyrm
Hi Bob, I believe above 50mph in top.I will have access to the manual next week as my son owns the car and hopefully take it past the 200,000 mark with no probs onto 300,000 miles.It is an auto Diplomat and has everything except the power of my V6 Omega.
Carlton Cruise Control - Phil G
I usually don't post any more because the login doesn't work with Opera (hint hint) but for this one I'll make an exception.

The cruise control electronic black box is mounted to the left underside of the glovebox and prone to failure. I fixed it in my Diplomat by taking the thing out and fixing a broken track on the PCB with a bit of wire.

Look at this excellent page for information on the cruise system:

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