5 year service: dealer or garage ? - catalyst
I have a 25 000 mile 5 year-old Daewoo that has been trouble-free (engine-wise) for 2 years. It's now out of warranty
and I am unsure whether to get it serviced at the dealer's or elsewhere. According to the service book, nothing important needs doing for the 5-year service (apart from engine oil + filter). I had the timing belt replace last year. What would you do ?
Also, what function has the pollen filter exactly and is it important to have it replaced ? (I think it might need doing)
5 year service: dealer or garage ? - GTLK
Hi catalyst!

We have two 11 year old Hondas and a 7 year old Mitsubishi, all of which are always serviced at the main agents. Every year they get a service, MoT and usually a very minor repair. I recommend it.

The pollen filter does just that, but.......they clog up and ruin the ventilation. Its better to remove or replace it as it can cause fogging problems in winter and harbour nasty microbes.

5 year service: dealer or garage ? - Bromptonaut
I don't think there is enough information here to give an answer (except it depends!). How much different is the price and how much faith have you in the independent who might otherwise look after it.
5 year service: dealer or garage ? - borasport20
what is the price differential between a dealer and Halfords ?

unless i'm mistakenm for years Halfords were the dealers for Daewoo, and your car has not changed in the past few years, and presumably some percentage of the staff at halfords (even though they are now 'AA service centres' ) are the same ?

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5 year service: dealer or garage ? - Aprilia
The Daewoo is a relatively simple car and is unlikely to present an independent with any difficulty since no specialist tools or knowledge are required.
Wherever you go it is likely to come down to the bloke who does it. Could you use one of HJ's recommended garages?
5 year service: dealer or garage ? - David Lacey
I guess it all comes down to price, come the end.....
5 year service: dealer or garage ? - mark999
You could always supply the garage with genuine parts to fit.
I did this at an independent garage for a major service on my Merc and saved £200
5 year service: dealer or garage ? - Andy P
Aren't Daewoo owned by Vauxhall now? Our local Vauxhall dealer took out a ful-page ad in the paper to announce the new showroom now selling Daewoo. If I'd have been in their position, I'd have kept quiet.....

5 year service: dealer or garage ? - jc
The Daewoos were Vauxhalls in the first place,weren't they?-I thought they bought the body dies and assembly line and shipped them to Korea.
5 year service: dealer or garage ? - Alf
Getting back on topic.(yawn) Get a national newspaper, cut out the periodically advertised oil change for £10, £15 if semi-synthetic vouchers and drive to your nearest National Tyres, where they will also kindly check your tyre pressures etc. While you decamp to the nearest cafe. Steer clear of the dealers and their rip-off prices.


5 year service: dealer or garage ? - catalyst
Thanks for your advice, very much appreciated. After a bit of ringing around and chatting to neighbours in my village (am new round here) I found a local Vauxhall dealer who'll do the 5-year service (a minor one) for £100 (£135 at Daewoo's Gateshead). Thanks again for mentioning the Vauxhall connection, I had not realised.
Alf, I understand your point with main dealers and so on, but likewise I really think you cannot trust the likes of ATS, etc. I used to work in one of those quick fit centres in my youth...even if I can hardly tell a spark-plug from a plug.
I am talking 'servicing and MOT'ing' a car here, not just swapping oil filters. I also need them to stamp the service book in case I ever part-ex the car for whatever value.
Dealers and high street garages are not just a bunch of crooks, a lot of them work hard for their money ! (and yes, I have been ripped off a few times by some astoundingly incompetent ones, believe me)

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