Ford Probe-No power. - stevepj
Help! I have a 95 2.0 Probe. Swith ignition on-f/f immobiliser off-dashboards lights on-turn key-nothing. All goes dead. Try it again, nothing. Check battery terminals, all seem ok. Then after a while she starts. No problems running.......What is going on....Please help i don't have much hair as it is and cant afford to pull anymore out :)
Ford Probe-No power. - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Steve,

Firstly you do need to be 100% sure this is not a battery or battery connection problem. Disconnect the battery, clean the posts connections, trickle charge the battery for 12 hours, and if possible carry out a \"load test\" to establish it\'s health.

BUT, immobiliser faults are rife on these cars. To find out all about this visit , the Ford Probe Immobiliser web site. It is fiddly and tiresome, but could save a lot of money !

Regards, Adam

Ford Probe-No power. - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hey, Dynamic, why didn\'t that web address come up as a valid link? I did the http bit !!! Are the inverted commas the problem ?


Sorted. Yes it was the inverted commas causing the problem. DD
Ford Probe-No power. - jc
Just remember it's not really a Ford;It's a Mazda.
Ford Probe-No power. - bafta
It may well share some parts with the 626 but it is not a Mazda and is not made in Japan. It has more in common with the 626 sedan made in Detroit, with all its accompanying build quality problems.
Ford Probe-No power. - bafta
Steve, from the symptoms you describe I think you may find the american website for Probe/626/MX6 useful. Although the problem you describe occurs on 93-94 automobiles this could be applicable to your model in the UK.

The site address is

See section 3 which states that this \'ignitor module\' problem is known to all Ford and Mazda dealers (in the US).

If you go to section 6 and click on \'distributor/ignitor module\' you will find a fuller explanation and how to deal with it. I hope that this is helpful. Let me know how you get on.
Ford Probe-No power. - stevepj
Thanks for all the help..Now been fixed with the help of a knowledgeable was the earth wire to the battery was faulty..DOH....


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