Personal Number Plate Search - pdc {P}
Just tried the Personal Number Plate Search facility that exists to the right of the page at Honest Johns.

Anyone know the level of discount that they give if you quote "Honest John"
Personal Number Plate Search - Dude - {P}
You don`t need discount, - just practice your negotiating skills and make them an offer. If it`s one of the cheapies at less than £250, there won`t be much margin to bargain, but anything over £1000 and you could be talking up to 20%. It just depends how long they`ve had that particular number on their books. If you buy wisely, they are an excellent investment, but like the second hand car trade, you need to know the market. For example any number starting with J is quite popular as James and John are very common first names.
Personal Number Plate Search - Altea Ego
And check what the DVLA have first, they are much cheaper. Some number plate companies, dont actually own the plates, they just list what the DVLA have, then if you express an interest, buy it and sell it on to you.
Personal Number Plate Search - pdc {P}
I already have a personal plate myself. It doesn't spell anything, or have a cryptic meaning, it's just that my mum kept it when her dad died, and I kept it when she died. Been in the family 42 years now!

In any case, the one that I am interested in would be a gift for a friend, and is an 03 resgistration, so I guess it's not been on the books that long.

Will give the DVLA a go.
Personal Number Plate Search - pdc {P}
The DVLA's own sales site has the plate for £899, which is the same as the independant sites. How do the independant sites make money?

Guess there is no scope to get a discount if that's the DVLA price.
Personal Number Plate Search - pdc {P}
In answer to my own question, the DVLA price includes VAT and assignment fee, the independant sites don't!
Personal Number Plate Search - MS
At an 03 plate is £250 including VAT and transfer fee.

The same plate from a dealer costs £249 + VAT £43.58 + transfer fee £80.00 making a grand total of £372.58....
Personal Number Plate Search - martint123
Does anyone know what makes an oldish ('68) motorcycle plate transferable or not.


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