Thank You to The Backroom - volvoman
Yes HJ - as someone who knows very little about car mechanics and came here with a problem to solve I'll second any motion to thank the BackRoom technical department. It's very annoying and frustrating when you have a problem and are either getting nowhere or being fleeced by our chums in the motor trade. I've always found the people here to be extremely helpful and very much appreciate all the advice I've had. I only wish I could contribute more to that side of things !
Thank You to The Backroom - volvoman
Ps. That thank you does also extend of course to you, Mark & DD for all the non-technical advice and support we've had, especially when Mrs V. (now AKA Skodette) was having problems. I can't tell you how much better it made us feel to know that:

a) people cared enough to bother and
b) so many people offered so much practical advice.

I know HF has very good reason to feel eactly the same way too.
Thank You to The Backroom - HF
Oh yes, I owe more thanks and gratitude to the Back Room and the wonderful people in it than I can possibly say.

Agreed 100% V.
Thank You to The Backroom - frostbite
Can only agree with all before, which reminds me that I was thinking the site might adopt a slogan one day.

How about:-

No-one can know everything, but between us, we can know enough.
Thank You to The Backroom - PhilW
I'll second (or third or fourth) all the above. I won't forget that Adam Going (and others chipped in too) saved me £600 in repairs to my son's Clio by suggesting a £22 Coolant Temp Sensor as the answer to a problem. I've since passed on the advice to someone else (with acknowledgement to Adam) and it solved a long lasting problem for them too. There are some very helpful and knowledgeable people on this site. Just wish I could give more rather than taking.
Thank You to The Backroom - smokie
I can't get over the fact that whatever time, whatever day you post there always seems to be someone around with a reply or suggestion. This has been especially useful on the few occassions I've had a tech query. Makes you wonder how many people are logged in here at any one time.

Three cheers for the Back Room, and more importantly, all it's contributors, without whom......
Thank You to The Backroom - frostbite
Well, Mark is there all the time - whenever you log in, it always says 'Mark all Read' (sic)
Thank You to The Backroom - sean
Yes, I think we all feel the same.

I have read horror stories in the likes of "Diesel Car" and "Car Mechanics" of folks changing this, that and the other and the fault they're having is unchanged.

The advice always seems to be to change the most expensive component.

We are very lucky.

There are some awful, moaning (folks) here, but some awfully bright ones too.

How would you feel if your daughter came home to see you and recounted some tale about breaking down and being helped by the local garage for only £800, when you knew all along, from the knowledge you built up here, that a good thrash down the bypass would have fixed it for nowt?
Thank You to The Backroom - eMBe {P}
We must not forget thtat the backroom helps people with non-motoring related topics too! The only thing I wish more people did was that as done by John Hitchins in his note to HJ : - i.e. close the loop at the end to say thank you when/how the problem is solved. Adam Going has also requested this many times - not least because it helps diagnose a problem and give a solution next time the same/similar symptoms appear.

Most of us regular addicts (suffering from COD - compulsive obsessive disorder) can't do without our frequent visits as we are constantly on the lookout to see how we can be generous and give our help freely.

The help given is sadly not always acknowledged. This is regrettable, especially when the much maligned legal trade and the plumbing trade also give their time on this forum for free!!

Sincere words, you may believe it or not,
regards, eMBe.
Thank You to The Backroom - Rob the Bus {P}

You may, by now, have gained the impression that I don't always agree with what you post ;-). But, on this occasion, I feel compelled to agree with you totally - the Back Room is an invaluable resource and I feel that my life has been enriched in more than one way by it.


"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."
Thank You to The Backroom - HF
eMBe - just like to echo all that you said in your post, Agree 100%.

Thank You to The Backroom - Blue {P}
Same here! :-)

Couldn't imagine not coming onto the BR to catch up on all of the threads. On the, thankfully rare, occasions when my ISP suffers problems I have been known to drive to Uni just to use their internet!

Thank You to The Backroom - eMBe {P}
Rob the Bus said: >>>> "eMBe - You may, by now, have gained the impression that I don't always agree with what you post ;-). But, on this occasion, I feel compelled to agree with you totally - .... " <<<<

Rob: it may surprise you to know that I don't agree with many of my own posts - but I still post them in the interests of balance and fairness when someone is "tried and convicted" in their absence. Sometimes when the "other side" is not being heard, I try to give an idea of what the view as seen from that other side might be.

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