Alistair Stewart found guilty. - Steve S
\"Police, Camera, Action! producers have decided that Alastair Stewart is no longer an appropriate frontman for the show after being found guilty of drink driving.\"

3 times over the limit.

The world\'s gone mad. They\'ll tell us that Nick Ross has been fingered for burglary next!

subject Title Renamed. DD.
Physician cure thyself! - Homme van Blanc
Apparently it wasn't his first offence.

Hypocrite is a word that springs to mind.
Physician cure thyself! - matt35 {P}
'There, but for the grace of God',is probably in the thoughts of many?

Physician cure thyself! - Obsolete
"Apparently it wasn't his first offence."

Appearing on TV being his first offence?
Physician cure thyself! - smokie
30 month ban too.

I wonder who will front it now? Clarkson? :-)
Physician cure thyself! - Daedalus

When was this in the news I have not been able to find anything on it?

Physician cure thyself! - Blue {P}
His arrest was reported a week or two ago, and his sentence was reported on the radio today, I heard it myself so I know it's true. :-)

Physician cure thyself! - Pugugly {P}
23 month ban ( 7 month discount for going on a rehabilitation course) and a 2K fine.
Physician cure thyself! - Steve S

Evening Standard's website.

Police-Car TV presenter banned - eMBe {P}
I would have chosen a different title for this thread, but anyhow - Here is the story as in today's electronic Daily Telegraph ( all and any copyright fully acknowledged):

>>>> " TV police show presenter guilty of drink-driving
(Filed: 01/07/2003)

TV presenter Alastair Stewart, who fronts the ITV show Police, Camera, Action, has been fined £3,000 and banned from driving for 30 months for drink-driving.

He pleaded guilty at Basingstoke Magistrates' Court to drink-driving after his Mercedes car collided with a hedge, north of Winchester, on June 19.

Stewart was arrested at his home in Bramdean, Hants, after police received a call from a member of the public that his car had crashed into a hedge and a telegraph pole, causing extensive damage. " >>>>>>

Stewart, 50, was taken to a police station where he gave two breath tests, the lower of which gave a reading of 112 micrograms - approximately three times the legal limit.

Stewart confirmed to police that he had been in an accident and was held in custody overnight until he could be questioned, the court was told.
Physician cure thyself! - sean
Adrian Chiles is your man!

I'm most impressed with him.

You may have seen him on BBC2's "Working Lunch" or "So, what do you do all day?" where he shadows eg Richard Branson etc for a day.

He took over from Nick Ross on "so you think you're a good driver?" and is not as fairy-like and nannying as Ross was.

(Maybe it's me, but I can't do with the " pack your boot like this as it will kill you if someone pulls out in front of you" type stuff.

You don't get that old stuff from Adrian. He's objective IMHO.
Alistair Stewart - Tom Shaw
I've just seen on the news that Alistair Stewart, who has spent the last decade running for The Smug Patronising Nanny of the Year award on Police Camera Action! has copped a 23 month ban and a £2000 fine after being convicted for being three times over the limit.

Wonder if they will feature him on the next series?
Alistair Stewart - deere3350
I don't think it's the first time either. I seem to remember a similar story about him a few years ago.
Alistair Stewart - Miller
30 month ban sounds like a second offence to me. Serves Mr Smug right!

I'm a loser, why don't you kill me?!
Alistair Stewart - sean
Yes, agree entirely.

We have 2 topics going on this theme now.

see Steve S's "physician cure thyself" below.

Glad to see the back of this smug, patronising A.......

Mark, I promised no more expletives, and I won't, but I've hated Alistair B..... Stewart for years, and am delighted he got his comeuppance.

Bad enough to drive when sloshed, but much worse to crash. 3 times, too.

Then he tells me about the dangers of driving while sloshed.

Couldn't make it up, could you?

Like John Major standing up and telling me about Family Values, then bonking Edwina. JOHN MAJOR??? I ask you.
Alistair Stewart - Tom Shaw
Apologies to Steve S, missed his thread.
Alistair Stewart - eMBe {P}
Apologies to Steve S, missed his thread.>>

Easily done as the thread title was such that I nearly gave it a miss ...

I\'ve renamed it and merged with this thread. DD.
Alistair Stewart - Obsolete
I have heard that he will not present the next series. The producers have sacked him. Too right. Get rid of the prissy ponce. (Oh yes and the drink driving sets a bad example too.)
Alistair Stewart - Woody
He co-presents London Tonight, or similar on our Regional ITV every night and is, without doubt, the most smug, smarmy, pompous old wotsit on telly.

If it wrecks his career (as he could have wrecked many lives) then good.

Won't this thread be pulled ?
Alistair Stewart - Galaxy
Yes, he has been done for DD before. I can remember him talking about it in a previous programme quite some time back. I remember thinking at the time that it was very "upfront" of him to admit this fact on TV, and admired him for that.

I don't admire him for the second offence, though!
Alistair Stewart - Mark (RLBS)
At this stage the Thread will not be pulled. But don't go any further down the personal attack line please.
Alistair Stewart - superannuated rocker
Haa Haa
I have to say I often found it difficult to relate the prissy commentary as to what was actually happening. My favourite was when a motorcyclist stuck in traffic very slowly and carefully drove his bike on to the deserted pavement and trickled along, paddling with his feet. The commentary went berserk. 'My god the fool is riding his bike on the pavement. At any second someone may walk round the corner and be run over'
The motor bike probably represented less of a hazard than the average pram, certainly it had better brakes, but did that stop Mr Stewart and his righteous commentary!
Physician cure thyself! - volvoman
Adrian Chiles ??? Can't stand him on R5 - talks a load of old tosh !
Physician cure thyself! - Miat
i hope new presenter of police, camera action is a little more balanced and highlights how bad the police driving is in many of the videos they show

good to see the weekend telegraph highlight growing number of police accidents as a major issue
Physician cure thyself! - DavidHM
I actually remember seeing an American version of this that involved a 'dangerous suspect' accused of I think possession of drugs.

The police's method of containment was to ram his car - in itself potentially controversial but if you accept that he takes the risk of lethal force when he runs, understandable. I don't necessarily agree, but hey...

However, their ramming involved deliberately pushing the suspect's car into a PETROL PUMP next to a PRIMARY SCHOOL. This additional danger - and the mercifully small fire that resulted - was blamed entirely on the suspect in the commentary.
I doubt they could even spell novus actus interveniens but then I'm not sure that I can either.

I'm sure that police driving in this country is far from perfect but we have a long, long way to go before standards get that low.
Physician cure thyself! - Obsolete
novus actus interveniens

Could you translate for those of us whose Welsh is rusty?
Physician cure thyself! - DavidHM
Gweithred newydd cyfryngol

But what a bizarre request!
Physician cure thyself! - Mark (RLBS)
Physician cure thyself! - Tim
What gets me is that he managed to drive from New Alresford back to his house (about 8 miles) without coming off the road. There are no classified roads between, just some windy minor roads which people fail to keep on even when sober and in daylight!

Where he's living is not a good place to be without a car..... minimal bus service and a pub and garage (the latter two probably best kept clear of for a while). Oh and a near neighbour is the local MP!

Alistair Stewart found guilty. - sean
Unless I missed something, there's not a single post in support of A.S.

Why then do we tolerate such people on the telly?

I can bet that if that's how WE all feel about him, a good percentage of the rest of the population must feel the same.

Doesn't say much for his employer either if they've let him just carry on with his 2 previous convictions.

3 counts and you're out?

Paedophiles, murderers,....

Would they get the same treatment?
Alistair Stewart found guilty. - Ian (Cape Town)
Unless I missed something, there's not a single post in support
of A.S.
Why then do we tolerate such people on the telly?

I seem to recall Jimmy Hill was a TV pundit for years, and I have yet to meet somebody who likes him ...
Maybe AS will be featured in the next series? They could have one of the Spitting Image guys doing the voiceovers ...
"My god, what is that idiot doing? he can't even find his carkeys! And now he's off down the road ... look out, he hit a tree!"
Alistair Stewart found guilty. - Mark (RLBS)
Probably enough on this subject, I feel.

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