New VW V10 - Nellyspania
I've only seen the bizarre 'skulls' advert, has anyone seen any details of this engine?
New VW V10 - J.B.
4921cc V10 diesel; Ali block, twin turbo, Pump Duse injection (like the Golf diesels, separate high pressure pumps instead of common rail) 310bhp@3750 rpm, 553lb.ft (750nm) of torque.(blimey!) @2000rpm. 18.5 :1 compression ratio, lives in the VW Touareg and soon, if not already, in the Phaeton. However dont get too exited unless you have 50grand plus to spare.
P.S. if you do can I have a go.
New VW V10 - J Bonington Jagworth
"553lb.ft (750nm) of torque.(blimey!)"

Blimey indeed! That could almost tempt me to buy a diesel (and I don't say that very often) but 50k IS rather a lot...
New VW V10 - Nortones2
Americans seem to have more information! See, or That should keep you going for a while!
New VW V10 - Daedalus

If you look at the link to you will find that our friends in the states will get the VW Tuareg for about $51000 or £32000. AGAIN we get ripped off.

New VW V10 - J Bonington Jagworth
Still a bit academic Bill, I'm afraid, but thanks for the info!

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