Big Brother (no, not the TV prog!) - pdc {P}
Not a motoring topic, but following on from recent discussions about GPS being able to locate the motorist, and mobile phone triangulation, I thought that this may be of interest. 1/3 millimeter RFID chips embedded in anything and everything. Michellin are going to put these things into their tyres, and they are being considered for the Euro notes too.
Big Brother (no, not the TV prog!) - teabelly
They could be placed in car parts so they can be tracked too. If all new cars had these chips then it would be easy to tell if the garage had replaced items as requested or they could be tracked if stolen and you would nowhere all the pieces ended up.

I am assuming that car manufacturers would use them to track a car from the start of the production line to the end. You woudn't need a person to check that a car had all the options as requested on a order when a computer could scan the car for the right bits ie the tags and compare it to the list of options that should be on there. Much easier quality control when the car says 'oi mate my cd player is missing' than having to go through a list!

Big Brother (no, not the TV prog!) - Altea Ego
Indeed as Teabelly says car manufacturers are using RFID tags for this very reason and is one of the reasons the tyre manufacturers fit them to become an integrated part of the process. They will then also be used as part of the recycling/disposal process. Dump your tyres at the local beauty spot at your peril!

They are being fitted to food packaging as well, and your 30 day old pot of cream will bitch and whine about getting old at the shelf stackers as they scan the cabinet.
Big Brother (no, not the TV prog!) - THe Growler
You're right about that. The Philippine Army recently located Abu Sayyaf terrorist hideouts in the jungle by putting electronic tracking devices given them by the US Army into currency notes paid as kidnap ransom.

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