Mondeo brakes to RHS - misterp
16v mondeo Si 1994 had MOT. Needed 'Brake adjust' and a new wishbone (wife has to take car to garage for me). Drove it next day and on braking slightly sharply from about 40mph cars front end felt strange grabbing to RHS.
Wife returned car to garage, who said new wishbone was faulty ( was it the right type?), replaced it adjusted tracking, ? adjusted brakes.
Front end of car still seems to lurch to rhs with anything more than gentle braking. Tyres are fine. I am now thinking of taking it to ford dealership ( who have allways been good in past but are that much harder for me to reach with work etc) what could be the problem?
Mondeo brakes to RHS - blank
what could be the problem?

I don't know, but I would begin by asking the garage what "brake adjust" means.

Sorry not to be of more help, perhaps someone else can be?

Mondeo brakes to RHS - tac
if the garage fitted a later level front lower arm thay should be replaced in pairs becouse the bushs in the arms have been modified and are now bigger if you have odd bottom arms this may make the car pull to one side under braking

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