Jaguar X type ( TDCi) misfire? - kurnal
Was browsing the magasines in the newsagents last night and read a first drive report in one of the glossys on the new Jaguar X type fitted with a Ford 2.0 TDCi engine. The writer stated that the engine had been refined by jaguar - was very smooth but did not pick up very quickly below 2500 rpm (unlike the mondeo!). He also said that there was some hesitation on acceleration when using partial throttle.

I wondered if anyone else had any knowledge of this and is it the old TDCi misfire/ TDi tip in tip out problem yet again?

Whilst I can more or less forgive it in my coarse but fun mondeo I would think that this would be a major embarrassment in a car which claims such refinement as a jag. Has HJ tried one yet?

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