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Cruise control - The Growler
Now that the police are using the motorising as their milking cow through all these cameras, what is the "profit" to be spent on? Not chasing burglars I'll be bound. Why do we not hear more of cruise control on new cars? Sounds like an obvious means of fighting back on long road stretches at least.
Re: Cruise control - chris watson
you can also get diy kits so you can fit a cruise control unit to any make of car.
Cruise control - David Lacey
We have fitted these DIY Cruise Control Kits - they do the job and seem relaible but are by no means as nice and integrated as the OE stuff. These kits consist of an actuator, a control unit, some 'toilet flush chain' to attach to the throttle linkage and an ugly stalk to stick onto the dash or steering column shrouds.
You won't have the luxury or convenience of steering wheel mounted controls.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

I have to agree, Cruise control can be a licence-saver, especially in and around roadworks where there is, say a 50 limit.


Re: Cruise control - Robert Major
Although I haven't used Cruise Control for some years I used to find the constant accelerating & decelerating(hunting) disconcerting even though it was only 1-2 mph.

Are modern systems better?
Re: Cruise control - Roger Jones
I've had cruise control on three cars, including my current one. Properly fitted -- OEM or after market -- they work fine. The only one that gave me trouble was a unit as used by the OEM (a VDO unit) but fitted as an after-market job, and the source of the trouble was a speedo cable that wasn't working properly and had to be replaced, after which the performance of the cruise control was quite acceptable if not absolutely perfect. The OEM option is always best: after-market fitting sometimes/usually (?) cannot be fully integrated with the engine management system and therefore sometimes/usually has to work at one remove, hence the speedo cable factor.

There should be no discernible "hunting" if things are working correctly. And I do agree that they are highly relevant to adhering to speed limits, although, as HJ always reminds us, if you fall asleep then you crash at the set speed. Speed limits apart, they have made my driving more relaxed and less stressful, and I wouldn't be without one any more, having first discovered their benefits on any number of US hire cars while doing business trips over there in the 1980s.
Re: Cruise control - John Regin
Don't like cruise control as always felt they are a bit dubious from a safety point of view.

A speed limiter would be a better idea?

Re: Cruise control - Stuart B
Current car has a OEM cruise control and basically its a fine piece of kit which you can set @ speeds down to 20 ish. At low speeds eg 30 you do get a bit of hunting but at 50 and above its just not an issue.

Its a case of knowing when and when not to use it IMHO. Clear motorway and road works only in my case. David Lacey was spot on as usual when he said its a licence saver. Stops you having to look at your speedo so much.......hello Bogush (only joking, in a better mood today!)

Actually only downside I have found is that its not as economical as when on manual you keep a more constant throttle position and so lose a bit of speed on the upgrades and make it back on t'other side. At least cruise control keeps one in check on those long motorway inclines, providing you have spotted the limit change that is.
Re: Cruise control - bogush

More objectionable insults and intimidation ;-(

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