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Is a very interesting note posted by Matt. However, its long - very long in fact. Therefore to avoid causing issues to those people using dial-ups, if you have any discussion or comment to make, please make it in this thread instead.

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Forgive me...but...snore..
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Having been trained in my youth at a Home Office Police Driving School, the current state of traffic on UK roads leave little opportunity to practice and gain the benefit of positioning etc in driving at speeds well above NSL on bending undulating roads. Now it is merely falling in line and following in the hang back position the vehicle in front.

Most important now is to adopt the safety line position - the safest position for a vehicle to occupy on the road at any gtiven moment of its journey.

As much as I hate to admit it but maybe Growler does have a point.

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This isn't a thread, it's an essay. Life's too short to read all that.
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Of course Growler has a point - as you have as a driver who has had driver training beyond the norm.
Less than 2% of drivers have any training beyond the preparation for the driving test - including ambulance, fire service and bus drivers.
As we read on this and other websites daily, driving is becoming more dangerous, and less enjoyable, almost by the week.

Your second paragraph supports my posting of this article by Nigel Albright - how many drivers would recognise what you describe as \'the safety line position\' if it crept up behind them and hit them on the backside?

In asking Mark yesterday if this article was too long, I mentioned that Trevor P and DVD (You) and others on the board were of an age maybe to pass some of our experience to less experienced drivers - not worse, drivers - just less experienced.

Mark posted the article as a link for those who might learn something from it - as I did when I read it a few months ago.

If it provokes some discussion and helps one young driver to enjoy safer driving?



Growler - As a regular at the Century Park Sheraton in Makati for around 20 years, I realise that \'Positioning\' does not apply in Manila!
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Hmm interesting if a long and detailed way of saying "equalise the hazards."

Also noted that in the very end "juggling the greys" could be interpreted as "juggling the grey areas" and "juggling the grey matter"


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