VW Gamma radio, presets, 87.5 - JohnM{P}
For your possible interest:
The following infuriated me, until I discovered the 'cure':
When listening to a FM station with Traffic Program (TP) selected, if I tried to change the station by pressing one of the presets, the radio displayed 87.5 and locked up. I had to press the FM button back to the desired fm band, then the desired preset, followed by the TP button.
When TP was not active, the presets worked immediately.

When you set the preset, the TP option should already be set to avoid the above problem. (ie, above problem occurs if preset is set when TP not active)

This is on a 51 plate Golf.

Does anyone know how to change the steering wheel up/down controls to go to the next preset, as opposed to the current next
station? (Laguna II has (poorly documented) option of both methods)
VW Gamma radio, presets, 87.5 - bertj
No help I'm afraid.
I also tried to find out how change the function of the Gamma radio steering wheel controls to select the next preset on my Passat. VW dealer answers included "never been asked that before, but I'll find out" (never did!), "It can't be done", "read the instruction book, it tells you there" (it doesn't!)
I would love to find out as the present setup is useless.

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