BMW 5-series computer fault (mpg) - j99
I have a BMW 520 (3.25 years old) in which the trip computer recently started showing a spurious mpg reading of 7.1 mpg. Any idea where the problem could lie and if it is easy to fix?


BMW 5-series computer fault (mpg) - J.B.
My new 530D has just been delivered ( didn't fancy the looks and electronics of Septembers version). The trip computer wouldn't budge from 7.8mpg until I selected "recalculate" on the onboard monitor. I assume there is some way of doing the same thing if you dont have a monitor. It is fine now, but can't figure out what the problem could have been. Hope that is some help.
BMW 5-series computer fault (mpg) - kal
Hi JB, an un-related question. What is the performance and mpg of your BMW. Do you get over 45-50 mpg on the motorway?

BMW 5-series computer fault (mpg) - Marcos{P}
My colleagues 530d always shows 55-60mpg on a good run. Basically it lies to him, even the manufacturer quotes a lot less than this.
He is now in the process of doing a chart to work it all out properly.
BMW 5-series computer fault (mpg) - J.B.
I'd love to be able to tell you but i've only done 60 miles so not much I can rely on. For what its worth a gentle motorway run of 40 miles at about 50 to 70 in traffic gave 37mpg (it's an auto) pootling about urban/rural gave about 27 but it must be stiffer than a colonels upper lip at the mo.
BMW 5-series computer fault (mpg) - Pugugly {P}
Not had the problem yet. Hope you find the 530d a stimulating motor - mine is starting to grow on me..
BMW 5-series computer fault (mpg) - J.B.
Hi Pugugly,
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