Vscc - Good day out - PhilW
Just returned from Donington Park where the Vintage Sports Car Club had a "Tribute to Ayrton Senna" day. enjoyed it nearly as much as the one I went to 2 years ago which was an Auto-Union and MB day (They had the pre-war AU and MB race cars doing demo laps - absolutely fantastic sight and sound) This time they had a selection of F1 cars Senna had driven, and half a dozen ex Schumacher, Irvine, Alboreto, Berger, Alessi and Barrrichello Ferrari F1 cars doing demo laps. Don't know who was driving them 'cos the noise drowned out any announcements but whoever they were, they were trying and definitely pushing those cars. In addition there were another dozen races of sports/racers going back to the '20s - loads of Ferrari 250s, Maseratis, Coopers, Cooper -Bristols, Connaughts etc. Tell you what, it was worth going for the engine noise alone, let alone the racing and a wander through the paddock. They certainly don't spare those old cars and for someone who remembers the change from front to rear engined GP cars it was wonderful to see a 1960 Ferrari 256 and the Maserati 250Fs battling with the Coopers and Lotuses. Can recommend it. They have a web site
and about 6 more "meets" this summer.
Also a great MC race full of '50s and 60s Nortons and Matchless - now there's a cople of names you don't see on the roads much these days. Wonder what happened to them..........

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