What's that button do? - Gen
On a Blaupunkt/Honda radio. Labelled 'ARI' when pressed usually just produces beeps but sometimes ARI and/or SP appears on display. Can't figure it out! Thanks
What's that button do? - Dr Rubber
ARI is Blaupunkt speak for traffic info. If the tuned station does not broadcast RDS traffic info, the radio will beep. If it does, then the ARI will be activated. This should increase the volume automatically to a preset level, and switch to the radio if listening to a tape/CD (well it does on mine :-) )
Hope this helps
What's that button do? - edisdead {P}
I have a Honda/Blaupunkt radio-cassette too, which i can't make head nor tail of - too many buttons! No manual supplied when i bought the car doesn't help.

Separate problem - the security code was not available either - anyone know if honda will provide this to me? Just in case I want to disconnect the battery one day.


What's that button do? - SlidingPillar
ARI on Blaupunkts or any other German radio may do nothing.

It relates to the German system Autofahrer Rundfunk Information which is not RDS. I suspect in recent sets it may be dual funcion as ARI was only Germany and most countries now use RDS.

Refer to manual...


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