Stalling Scirocco - ZLipid
Looking round the site I guess I'm not the first to experience problems with a Pierburg 2E2...

My Scirocco (GTII, 1990) has had a rather lumpy tickover for a while but has otherwise been ruuning fine. Suddenly (overnight) though, it's refusing to tick over at all.

Can't see anything obvious (split hoses, missing vacuum pipes, birds nesting in the airbox....). Took a look at the '3-position unit' - seems to be moving in and out OK, so I don't think it's that (could be wrong mind).

Basically, just wondering if anyone's experienced the same thing, and/or has any ideas for fixing it.

Thanks a lot.
Stalling Scirocco - Drew20
could be a lot of things. the vacuum hoses that control idle are all in behind the carb, very difficult to see (on a golf) without taking hte carb off

could be a vacuum leak at the carb mounting flange, could be a vacuum leak almost any place

could be dirt in the idle mixture air bleed control

does it idle when hot?
Stalling Scirocco - ZLipid
Thanks for that. The Haynes manual also flags up vacuum leaks e.g. at the manifold to head joint, but I can't see how it's possible to spot if you've got one (as with the Golf, everything you want to look at is tucked behind the engine).

Air bleed control sounds worth a look....

...and no, it doesn't idle when hot. The only time it does is for the first few seconds while the choke's still on full.

Stalling Scirocco - Drew20
if it still doesn't idle when hot then its not the cold idle system. sounds like fueling

if it runs when choked this hints that the engine is running weak at idle
try manually hlding the choke shut and seeing if it will idle then.
if so then pretty sure the mixture is too weak.

This means that the air bleed is not the problem (as a blockage here would cause richness)

sounds like a large leak. A test i've heard of is to squirt a blowtorch (unlit) around the carb and manifold and listen for changes in the engine speed / lumpiness. this tells you where the leak is.

the rubber mounting flange is a likely culprit, this sits betweent the carb and the inlet manifold. on my golf I amanged to change this by undoing everything attached to the carb except the accl cable and the fuel supply (ie wires, vacuum and water) which allowed enough play to lift the carb out of the way

mark everything you take off with tippex so you can reattach correctly

keep the carb as horizontal as poss to avoid damage to the float valve (and to not spill petrol down your sleeve)
Stalling Scirocco - ZLipid
OK, thanks for that. I'll try the blowtorch test and see how I get on. I can imagine changing the flange is a painful process but it's good to know it can be done!
Stalling Scirocco - Malcolm_L
Don\'t know much about Golf\'s but the blowtorch trick sounds fine as long as yr HT leads ain\'t tracking which is difficult to spot in daylight.

You could try a length of fuel hose like a stethoscope, this normally detects leaks in those very awkward places.

Partially covering the intake will increase the manifold vacuum and accentuate any leaks.

Best of luck
Stalling Scirocco - ZLipid
Cheers. At least if the thing blows up I won't need to worry about the carb any more.

Thanks for the 'stethoscope' tip

Stalling Scirocco - Peter D
Check the temp/vacuum switch in the air filter assembly. Peter
Stalling Scirocco - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Also worth checking the short rubber hose connection for the brake servo that goes to the kerb-side of the inlet manifold.
VAG Part No.321611939E. Often collapses then splits on the under(unseen)side.

Regards, Adam
Stalling Scirocco - Civlian
I had a Scirocco MK1 in the late 70s, and this had the same symptoms - turned out to be a failed solenoid in the carburettor, shuting off the fuel supply while idling.
Does this help?
Stalling Scirocco - ZLipid
Turned out in the end to be a blocked idle jet (why didn't I check that first?!).

Funny you should mention the solenoid though - had a word with Volkspares in Sydenham (who are excellent, by the way), and they reckoned the most common fault they see with that carb is the cut-off solenoid shutting off because of a blown fuse.

Thanks for your reply.
Stalling Scirocco - ZLipid
P.S. and thansk to the rest of you who replied - much appreciated.

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