205 pistons - los
Can anybody tell me if pistons from a 205 xtdt 1769 cc are the same as the non turbo 1769 cc.
I am after a set of 2 hand pistons anybody
205 pistons - Andrew-T
Haynes manual says 'the design of the turbo engine is the same as the normal version, but components such as crankshaft, pistons and con-rods are uprated'. Gudgeon pins appear to be 28mm instead of 25.
205 pistons - David Lacey
Is it really worth dabbling with 2nd hand engine internals?

Why do you need two slugs anyway?

Yep, the turbo and non-turbo pistons, as mentioned above, are different...

I did have a set under my bench some years ago...sadly now long gone otherwise you'd have been welcome to them.

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