dead 306 - Dan G
I've a '98 306 1.9LD with 52k miles.

I've had a very strange problem which has happened twice now in a week (and never before).

I turn the ignition, and it's completely dead (no clock, no internal light). I try again (possibly a number of times), and eventually everything springs to life - the speedo and rev counter shoot to the red line, and the mileage LED lights up all digits. The dash will then return to normal, and if I'm lucky it'll start as normal. There's nothing intermittent, it's either working or it isn't. Sometimes the first stage of ignition will be OK, and then everything will go dead on the second stage. I guess it's a main power feed somewhere, but I'm not sure where to look first.

dead 306 - Malcolm_L
SHMBO'd MX-5 had a similar fault, changed the ignition key switch assembly and it cleared.
I took the old unit apart and the contacts were very worn and there was evidence of tracking across in places.

You might be able to get one from a breakers and use your own barrel (to keep the same ignition key), some cars it's separate some its integral with the switch.

Best of luck
dead 306 - los
Check the earth wire from the top of the gearbox to the chassis for security.
dead 306 - Dan G
When it's not working, there's no power to anything (not even clock or interior light) which makes me think that an earth may be more probable. Would a faulty ignition switch kill all power ?
dead 306 - David Lacey
Battery connections!
dead 306 - Dan G
I've checked battery connections and they seem fine. If it were the connnections, then would I have experienced other voltage problems while the car's running ?

I'm wondering if it's as a result of the current surge required for the glow plugs ...
dead 306 - David Lacey
"If it were the connnections, then would I have experienced other voltage problems while the car's running?"

No.....not necessarily - the starter motor is the biggest electrical consumer on the car - any bad connections to the battery/chassis will show up when the starter is operated.

dead 306 - Dan G
Just to give you an update on this problem, I cleaned the battery connections, and re-fitted them and the problem hasn't occured since. Seems you were right David !! Thanks.
dead 306 - DL
Good stuff Dan - thanks for the update.

Battery connections are more often than not overloked during routine servicing and fault finding. I am in the habit of checking their security and spraying a little terminal protector on them at every service visit.

I'm never suprised when I come across loose terminals....
dead 306 - Reggie
A neighbour of mine once asked me to look at his car when it suddenly "fell dead".I suspected that the battrey was shot, but as it wasn't mine, before I splashed out some of his hard earned,I thought I'd better check by giving it a resistance check with the local garage. To my astonishment, the battrey was in perfect condition. All it required was a good clean of the terminal posts and all was sorted.


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