Speed cameras (again) sorry David W - Stuart B
Found this, not normally a Sun reader....................honest!

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SHOCKED lorry driver Steve Daniel was busted for speeding - while
crawling through a traffic jam at TWO mph.

Steve, 29 - who needs a clean licence for his job - was sent a police
ticket claiming speed cameras caught him doing 55mph.

He was ordered to pay a £60 fine and told he would get three penalty
points on his licence.

But the tachograph in Steve's cab logged every detail of his journey -
allowing him to successfully appeal.

And police last night admitted a camera fault was to blame.

Married Steve, of Royston, Herts, said: "When the speeding ticket came
through my door I nearly died.

"It's ridiculous that police are putting up speed cameras everywhere
when there's proof they don't work.

"Driving is my livelihood so I know for a fact that I don't speed.

"I just wonder how many other innocent drivers have been caught out by
this wonky camera and paid up because they have no idea what speed they
were actually doing. Luckily my tachograph proved I was right. If I'd
been an ordinary driver I wouldn't have had a leg to stand on."

Police sent Steve a picture of his 41-ton truck on the A120 near Dunmow,
Essex, with his ticket.

He added: "When I rang to complain they said they had a second picture
which clearly showed I was sitting in a traffic jam at the time.

"The policeman I spoke to laughed and said I would have caused a ten-car
pile up if I'd been driving my truck at that speed." Police claimed no
other drivers had been wrongly nabbed by the camera.

A spokesman said: "It's a technical problem with the radar that occurs
when large flat-backed vehicles pass the cameras at less than 13mph. The
camera reads the speed wrongly.

"We know it's happened at other places and our operators are trained to
examine all photographs to spot it.

"For whatever reason the other photographs weren't checked in this case.
We would like to apologise."

The case comes after a Sun campaign persuaded Home Secretary David
Blunkett to ban police from hiding cameras to trap drivers.
Re: Speed cameras (again) sorry David W - crazed idiot
from another forum, made me laugh

Feeling a bit on the confrontational side today I rang a council office in the area of the new scheme to see when we can expect them to start painting the cameras?. ¾ of an hour later I got someone who knew what to say?

A few simple short answers came back? after trying to find out if I was a spy..

Them?.. In short Sir, we can?t afford to go round painting the existing cameras in our county just yet, we don?t have the funding..

Me?.. Oh, will you be moving the cameras that are well hidden so as the motorist can see he is approaching a dangerous accident black spot.

Them?.. Now as I just said Sir, if we can?t find the funding to paint the cameras, how on earth do you expect us to pay to move the cameras to meet the new guidelines..

Me?.. So what you are saying is that you intend to do nothing?

Them? Yes Sir, but the new cameras we will order will be painted by the contractors at the time of the installation?

Me?. Will that be a nice bright colour?

Them? Well if you call Grey bright then yes..
The Sun. - D J Woollard
No shame in the Sun Stuart. As I tell them at the paper shop it's The Telegraph on a normal day and The Sun if I haven't time to read anything.

Re: The Sun. - bogush

If they can't afford to get the original ones right, how can they afford new ones?

And surely they can't afford film either!

(Actually I think the new rules only apply to the new cameras!!)
Re: The Sun. - crazed idiot
complain complain complain

write to

your mp
your councillor
your cheif constable
leader of police authority
leader of council
home secretary
police complaints authority

dont put up silently

Value my car