Insurance - good deal - davo
Have just renewed the Comp ins on my 2.0l Accord, including business use and high miles - £294. Green Flag cover for absolutely everything, home start, recovery of any car etc etc including the wife and her car - £99. -esure, run by th eex-direct line chap, Peter Woods - nearest was £480 for both with less breakdown cover.
Insurance - good deal - Aprilia
Yes, I renewed with them yesterday for the Nissan QX - just over £300. Similar saving of well over £100 on nearest competing quote. I suspect they must be 'buying' customers at the moment. I don't know what they'll be like if I ever have to claim though.....
Insurance - good deal - daveyjp
I was with e-sure last year - over £100 cheaper than the nearest quote - £350 for a Focus (changed to an A2, one additional driver and business use). Had a claim due to a joyrider deciding to cause £2,500 worth of damage to my car whilst parked, as well as wrecking another car and almost killing someone then driving off. Renewal letter came a week ago - next year's premium £843, I expect an increase after the claim but thats rediculous!! Needless to say they've lost my business, I'm off back to Frizzell for £375.

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