fiat spares - andy n
hi all, anyone know of a spares source for fiats similar to german and swedish,euro car parts etc as im sick of paying allmost double for service parts for my wifes punto as i do for my v70! thanks
fiat spares - mr pastry
Sorry - can't help on this one, but I am also finding Fiat spares very frustrating. I need ht leads for my 2001 1.2 16v Punto. I have tried about half a dozen main dealers and none carry them as a stock item, and all want full payment (£36)upfront before they will even order them. If they don't carry spares, for what is after all a fairly common replaceable, for a 2 year old current model car, what hope for when the car is 5-10 years old.

In the past with my old Golf I could go to German and Swedish for a fraction of the cost for oem parts

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