Buying used from the continent - spoiler
I'm looking at getting a Corrado VR6. The HJ write up suggests buying one from Germany.

Question is, what's the best way to go about doing this? Is there a german version of "Die Auto Trader" on the web. Are there other resources to look at?

Buying used from the continent - DavidHM or

I can see why HJ recommends it. Germans tend to be fastiduous about looking after their cars and the lower main dealer labour rates and a willingness to get involved with older cars (say, 10 years old) means that they do get looked after.

The down side is that Corrados are few and far between and actually finding one and travelling out there will take up a lot of time. Also, because Germans look after their cars so well (and have a strict TüV test) they tend to keep them longer, pushing up used values. The three year fleet lease system also doesn't apply.

Germans are also not immune to the Max Power side of things, but they do things differently - so 14" alloy wheels go with loud paint jobs and massive body kits. In my opinion, British modded cars actually look better.

Worse, having looked on both sites (and with about half a million used cars between them) I couldn't find a single VR6, but quite a few G60s. And then of course you have to put up with the fact that it's a left hooker.

If I were looking for one, as well as the trusty AutoTrader, I'd try and find an owners' club and see if any members were selling one.
Buying used from the continent - spoiler
Thanks for the information. My preferred choice would be to buy one from this country, but thought it would be worth a look to compare ones in Germany. Not too many VR6's about here either.

Had a look on ebay & i see what you mean about german mod's. There's one on there & it looks nasty!

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