Steering wheel control. - Observer
It is a little surprising that the following has not been quoted.

There may be some on here with interesting comment, one way or the other.
Steering wheel control. - THe Growler
Only time I ever used this daft system was to get thru the test, never since, never will.
Steering wheel control. - Flat in Fifth
The only comment I would make in reply to Sir John's rant is, has he never heard of horses for courses?

Steering wheel control. - Cliff Pope
I think universal power steering has sounded the death knell for this method. When you can steer even the heaviest car with the pressure from one little finger, why adopt a fighting stance at the wheel as if cornering an old racing Bentley or taking a windjammer round Cape Horn?
I'm not necessarily approving the technique of winding the wheel with the heel of one hand, but it is the easiest method for tight parking
Steering wheel control. - TrevP
Sir John's background? - racing.

When the best road instructor I know - Master Yoda - advocates (and demonstrates superbly, even on track) the pull-push method, that is good enough for me.
Steering wheel control. - NB
I would say that this technique could be used on the track because you need to move the wheel as little as possible and as slowly as possible to get round bends as fast as possible but most of us are driving round town and need to turn the wheel full lock really quick and when exiting the corner get it streight real quick. For me a quick grab on the bottom of the wheel a quick spin and if required I hook my thumb on a spoke and turn right to full lock in a split second and the quickest way to get it pointing forward is to loosen your grip and plant the throttle. This works good for me and has never cought me out or caused an accident.


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