more new car advice! - bugged {P}
This time for my father-in-law,
He is looking to get an Astra. He has GM points to spend so has to be a Vauxhall.
My question is should he go for the 1.8 or 2.2ltr engine???


Should he get one now or wait until the new shape comes out i belive next year????

Suggestions please!!!
more new car advice! - DavidHM
When Vauxhall launch cars, they're usually excluded from the GM points scheme for a year or so, so he's looking at closer to a two year wait if he decides to get the new one. By that time, the regular discounts will be flowing as well.

Looking at the prices on the Vectra 2.2s are cheaper than the Astra 2.2s. A 2.2 SXi can be had for £13000 - or £10500 if he has those GM points.

Whether he'd be happier with an Astra 1.8 SXi at £8469 is a tough question, but the Vectra is a much more modern, refined, spacious and safe car. It won't be worth £2500 more than the Astra in three years, say, though.
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Personally I would go for the 2.2 litre engine. It's cam chain driven, NOT cambelt, so no expensive cambelt changes every 40,000 miles. Bags of power and torque as well. Basically it's the same engine that's fitted to the VX220.
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Sorry no advice. Just wondering what these "GM Points" are...
more new car advice! - bugged {P}

GM is a credit card that gives you "points" for the money you spend on it, (e.g. Like supermarkets give on a reward card) with the GM card you can use the points towards buying a new vauxhall car! Quite good really, its a shame more companies don't do it!!!
more new car advice! - DavidHM
You can buy ten cambelt changes with the price difference though...

I do think that the 2.2 is the better buy in the SRi, but there is no way I'd pay an extra £2500 for a 2.2 SRi over a 1.8 SXi. The price difference of ~£1100 for the 2.2 in the SRi or the Elegance (yup, they do make them with that engine) is different.
more new car advice! - DavidHM
I assume he has lots of these points to spend.

You get £30 off for every £1000 you spend, up to a maximum of £2500 off, so he has to put £83k through the card to get that. Of course, if you put all your purchases on it and pay it off at the end of the month, it's not especially difficult to do over three years (£2300 per month).

Of course, if he only has £200 off a car with this card, it's not such a great deal. There's no point in saving a few hundred with a Vauxhall just to lose it all in depreciation later. £2500 on a £10k car would make it worthwhile though.
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when does the new astra come out. I have seen pictures of it and it looks like there has been a radical improvemnet in design?

(Personally I think that the current Astra is quite good looking although motoring journos seem to think it dowdy)
more new car advice! - bugged {P}
yep he has a LOT of GM points, they've been saving them for a while now, the vectra is good but i understand they dont do an estate??? I may be wrong, hes after an estate though so i think it has to be the astra.

A very good point about the cambelt etc, they're planning to have this car for a long time so thats for the advice!!

Not sure when the new one comes out, anyone got any ideas???
more new car advice! - DavidHM
There's a new Vectra estate on the way. They've just released pictures and it's a handsome devil - much better looking than the Signum and probably a lot cheaper. I guess it should be out in a couple of months.

Of course, a Vectra hatch might be big enough for them even if an Astra hatch isn't.
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Bugged, if it has to be an estate, I suppose you've considered the Zafira. A medium sized 7 seat MPV that would surely do everything an estate would do..... perhaps even more so - with the seats folded there's loads of space and taller too. Easier to get in and out of and with a better view from the drivers seat. About the same length as the estate. Plenty deals about which allow use of GM points.

Choice of petrol engines and I believe there is a new diesel engine due soon to replace the present one (which some complain uses too much oil when on the motorway). "Design" spec eems to be good compromise on price v goodies.
more new car advice! - DavidHM
I am at my parents' at the moment - very dull - but their local paper has an ad for Hutchings Vauxhall who are doing Zafira 1.8s (Clubs I think) for £10995 or over a grand less than UKCB.

If the budget stretches to a 2.2 Design (£13939 UKCB - don't know about Hutchings) that would be the one to go for because of the engine, good spec, etc. I don't think these deals are pre-reg - I guess it'd be a problem if they were.
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when does the new astra come out.

Sometime in 2004 according to reports.
more new car advice! - bugged {P}
Thanks to everyone for all your help, i will pass this on at the weekend!

Will let you know what he decides!

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