VW security flaw - jake2
My '96 VW Polo has been broken into for the 4th time in a year and each time there has never been any visible damage or sign of how they got in. I am aware of the door lock/ electric window flaw discussed in earlier threads and exposed by BBC Watchdog, but am unsure if it can affect my car/ model as Polos haven't previously been mentioned. Can anyone help? It's driving me crazy, and I'm hoping to ask my local VW dealership some serious questions when I head there for a service later this week...
VW security flaw - Cyd
I can't be sure, but I don't think a 96 Polo has superlocking (aka deadlocking) - perhaps you can confirm?

Assuming your car does not have superlocking, then I'm afraid it is a very simple matter to use a "slim-jim" to open the doors. This is true of most cars without superlocking.

Best you can do in this situation is fit a good aftermarket alarm with remote control which is not disabled by any switches on the door locks. Get a removable stereo - and remove it when not in use. Don't leave anything in the car.

Alternative strategy: sell the car and buy one with better security. See www.ncsr.co.uk for more info.
VW security flaw - jake2
Thanks v much Cyd - I'll get back to you on the superlocking/ deadlocking situation.

Otherwise I'm aware - of course - of the benefits of an alarm, though I tend to doubt them in inner city London where it's a struggle to get to know neighbours' names, let alone expect a response to an alarm going off.

Removable stereo done (in that I haven't bothered replacing it) and similarly nothing is ever left visible or not visible to tempt the thieves.

Selling is a last resort... so I guess it's the alarm or bust.

I have to say I expected a (fairly) modern motor to stand up to basic criminal endeavour a little more, but I guess that's a lesson learned...
VW security flaw - DieselBoy
Look on the bright side - at least you're not having to go to the trouble of replacing door locks or windows every time!
VW security flaw - Mark (RLBS)
IF there is no stereo and nothign on view, do you have any idea what they're after ?

A policeman told me always to leave the glovebox open, the centre console open and the hatch space visible so that they are completely sure there is nothing to nick.
VW security flaw - John S
When I worked in London, I regularly walked past a 911 parked at the kerb near Victoria station. The apparently desperate owner always left a handwritten message taped in the nearside window 'There is NO radio in this car'. I always wondered if this was true or bluff.


john S
VW security flaw - Wally Zebon
Heard a similar story, but the car was still broken into. The cretin who did it left a note saying simply "Just checking!"

VW security flaw - jake2
What are they after? My guess is they?re coming back mainly to see if I?ve been stupid enough to replace the stereo again (I was after the first break-in, and even though it had a removable cover they still took the main bit the second time).

But I suppose even without a stereo to nick there they are, it?s 3am (or whatever), they?ve got a quick and easy way of getting in so why not have a rummage and see if I?ve been stupid enough to leave anything valuable in the boot/ glove box etc??

Dieselboy?s right though, it could be a lot worse in terms of replacing windows, door locks etc. I should even be grateful for their tidiness ? last time they removed the ashtray for some reason, but despite it being full to the brim with empty peanut shells it was left unspilled on the foot well floor. Bizarre.

Thanks for all the posts - even without the advice solidarity always helps!
VW security flaw - DieselBoy
I used to own a Saxo - which has a major security flaw around the door locks. Mine was broken into twice, with two bills of £150 to fix the door skin around the lock.

Thieving *£$!^"@? !!

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