Value HRV - number67
Asked by a neighhbour to advise on what her car is worth - I'll have a look around some other sites, but some of you lot may be able to help.

Honda HRV 1.6i CVT auto 5 door 17000 miles reg July 2000 (W).(Leather seats)


(she's lost her husband and feels ignored when she goes into a showroom - so I said I'd help out (love haggling but don't know so much about 4X4's -in fact is an HRV 2WD!)
Value HRV - mab23

I've been around some Honda dealers this past weekend and a car like this seems to be up for around 9-10k on the forecourt, so expect maybe 7-8k tops as a trade-in.

No idea what a dealer would give you for it if you just wanted to sell it to them, and not buy another car... will dealers even do that?

Value HRV - J500ANT
I doubt its a 2wd, a friend had a 3dr one (same age) and his was 4wd and there wasnt a 2wd option in CVT auto, only on the manual.

Value HRV - Roger Jones

for a selection of comparable cars. I guess that these prices will be at the low end of the dealer range.
Value HRV - GTLK
It sure sounds like a very saleable car if offered privately. The auto wasn't available in a higher power version I think, but all should be (part-time) 4WD.
Value HRV - number67
Thanks, had a look around the internet - I think she wants to just trade to a new HRV - same model.

I'm thinking around £8750 for hers.
A new one should be had for about £14700 + leather.
We'll see, as you say hers is quite a saleable spec.

My thoughts of car changing have gone on hold as the work situation is looking a bit dodgy - the joys of working in Engineering.
Value HRV - J500ANT
If she wants a new one (WHY??) IIRC they are on a kind of run out, Honda pruned the range a few months back so it may soon be an obsolete model. Why doesnt she just buy a few years of extended warranty for her current one? Hell, she could buy a cherished number from the DVLA, put it on & have it valeted and tell all (well some) of the neighbours that its a new car - liked the old one so much blah blah!


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