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2007 Renault Scenic - Removing the alarm sounder on a Scenic - Paul 1974

The alarm on my elderly father's 2007 Scenic goes off a couple of times a day. We've tried pushing the start button 5 times to disable the internal sensor, but that doesn't stop it going off.

He isn't using the car at present as he is in a vulnerable group and isn't going out .His regular garage is closed. I have charged the battery and taken the car a spin on a couple of occasions, everything else is fine. It's just this bloomin alarm!

He lives in a good area and doesn't really need a car alarm. Can we simply remove the sounder? If so can someone explain to a stupid person (me) how to do it, ideally with pictures.

Hoping someone can help.

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2007 Renault Scenic - Removing the alarm sounder on a Scenic - elekie&a/c doctor
Yes, you can remove the sounder, but you need to find it first . If I recall , it’s in the boot area , in the rear quarter panel . (Possibly left) . You may need to remove the light . It’s usually attached to the bodywork with a metal security bracket , which may need to be drilled out . Very likely to be a Cobra unit .

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