Fisher Price Power Wheels - JAJ
My son has one of these electric jeeps which we bought when we lived in the US and then brought it back to England. It is basically the same as a UK model apart from different power connections and the steering wheel on the wrong side.

It has two forward speeds, 2.5mph and 5mph. This was fine when he was 3 but now he's 5 he needs a little more excitement in his life. Has anybody ever tried to take one of these apart and make it go a little faster ?
Fisher Price Power Wheels - Rebecca {P}
No, but crashing into skittles a la 'Full Metal Challenge' seems to amuse our neighbours kids...
Fisher Price Power Wheels - JAJ
He's done that ... His favourite "trick" at the moment is reversing with one wheel on the kerb and one on the road whilst standing in the car. Really good fun when next door's Lexus is parked outside - never seen it move so quickly !

Just don't want him getting bored with it as they cost so much money and now it looks a bit tame.


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