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Fiat Marea 2.0 - Mark (Brazil)
What's a Fiat Marea and should I be bothered about having to drive one for a week ?

Secretary/Travel/Hire Car situation.

Only thing they have available is one of these and I have no idea what one is.
Re: Fiat Marea 2.0 - Michael
i had a 1.6 brava for a week (hatchback version of marea), same reason, hire car, business trip. Drove ok, plenty of leg room for driver and nice engine. The 2 litre is apparently a better engine so should be fine.
Re: Fiat Marea 2.0 - honest john
An awful lot of UK FIATs find their way into the UK market via the hire car fleets. The Marea is exceptionally ugly, but does drive well enough. If you can get a new Ford Mondeo 1.8LX or 2.0LX for the same rental fee, try to get that instead.

Re: Fiat Marea 2.0 - Bill Doodson
I tried one of these a couple of years ago in the estate (weekend) version, it was to small for the family car but the 2.0 5 pot goes like stink. I had it for 2 weeks and overtook a slow moving car when I had the wife and kids with me, I floored it and just took off, the wife said "F****** hel whats this"? The kids said whats "F****" etc. Very entertaining wouldnt mind the Brava 2.0 version for myself but cant afford.


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