Mondeo V6 secondaries - spanker
those pesky inlet manifold tracts that are meant to open at 3500rpm or WOT but often fail for various reasons.
The little motor that opens these butterfly valves has failed on my 98 2.5 Si. I have pegged the actuator in the open position. Now they are either open or closed in a working system, there is no variable position.
Question is : what effect would it have on MPG or otherwise if I leave them open and how much would fitting a new actuator thingy cost ?
btw the difference is incredible ! before it wouldn't rev out in 4th and maybe creep to 115mph; now it bangs off the limiter in 4th at 120+ and was still edging up past 142-ish when I ran out of (private, honest !) road.
Mondeo V6 secondaries - DieselBoy
I can't help you on the technical piece, but that must be some private road. Do you own an airfield? If it was a public road I won't comment except to say if I did, it would get deleted very quickly...
Mondeo V6 secondaries - Pete F
Leaving actuator open will result in reduced torque at low revs. I don't think it will make a noticeable difference to fuel consumption.
Thanks - spanker
I'll confirm that over the next tankfull, no doubt.
Can't say I actually notice a low rev torque difference. Still counts 12s or so from 31-62, as per the Ford website. It does have 105000 on the clock !
BTW the actuator motor is £109+VAT and fitting is .8 hours, so £190 odd in total. What I need is a bicycle brake cable to the underside of the steering wheel for manual actuation !


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