Autosonics 'Backminder' - Aprilia
Anyone purchased/used the 'Backminder' ultrasonic reversing aid from Autosonics? Its UK made and appears to have won awards etc., I want to aviod the very cheap Chinese made ones because I suspect they may not survive a UK winter, car wash etc.

Autosonics 'Backminder' - THe Growler
Such an obvious thing and far more useful than a lot of the junk they fit to cars nowadays to pump up the price and perceived value.

These devices were fitted to Protons in Malaysia fully 15 years ago, from my memories of travels there.

Autosonics 'Backminder' - Nsar
Aprilia - they seem to be designed for vans and trucks with an external bleeping noise - your neighbours are going to love you!
Autosonics 'Backminder' - Aprilia
Well, I just bought one on E-bay for £35 (+£10 p&p), there were a few for sale from the same supplier. I rang the manfr. (Autosonics) and apparently there is a single audio/visual controller - if its too loud I'll have to muffle it with some foam.
A good thing is that the sensors are like 'eyeball' vents - you push then into the bumper and then swivel the centre bit until its vertical and pointed straight back - quite smart, since the bumper on my QX doesn't really have a vertical face.
Autosonics 'Backminder' - Deryck Tintagel
Reversing sounders on passenger cars are illegal! Not sure where I read it but it was recently.
Autosonics 'Backminder' - Aprilia
I don't think it is a external sounder as such. If there is a 'single audio/visual control unit' then presumably it mounts inside the vehicle and so cannot be heard very well outside the vehicle.
Autosonics 'Backminder' - Aprilia
Ah, I just read the website properly, the external sounder is listed as an optional extra:

"External Audible Warning Reverse Alarm with volume adjustment"

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