mobile dent repairers - steve_m
Anyone know of a mobile dent repairer in Watford or Hertfordshire area? I tried Dent Devils and Dent Master but they have nobody near enough. Or a good minor dent repairer that is not mobile.


mobile dent repairers - mal
You could try asking at any main dealer in your area as they all have contact with one of the many companies that perform paintless dent removal, in many cases to remove the dents from newly delivered cars.
I had 3 huge dents removed from my Honda Civic drivers door, the result of a fully laden (presumably from the extent of the damage) hit and run supermarket trolley.The result was amazing.That cost me £100 for up to 3 dents per panel.
Recently the same door suffered a parking dent and rather than pay another £100 for what was comparatively minor damage I befriended the service manager of the Honda dealership where I bought my car and he had it done for me at a cost price of £30.
I'm not suggesting you might get the same result but they might put you in contact with their man or even give you an acceptable quote.
Regards, Mal.
mobile dent repairers - king arthur
Try Little Knocks in Ruislip, they can come to you or you can take your car to them on Saturday morings. I know Ruislip's not Watford but it's not that far away.
mobile dent repairers - Roger Jones

I'm in Harpenden, and Dentmaster did a job for me a while ago, but perhaps you've contacted their central office and things have changed. Asking a main dealer is a good idea; the last time I saw a Dentmaster car was outside the Vauxhall main dealer just around the corner from me, not too long ago. If you don't find a mobile service, you might try Chips Away, who also deal with dents; their St Albans branch (01727 836333) did an excellent job for me recently.

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