MX-5 Turbo - Maz
Browsing the web today, I found an MX5 turbo for sale.

As I've never knowingly seen one before, I wonder if anyone has any (and I mean any at all) experience of them. I've looked at the CBC breakdown already.

MX-5 Turbo - Jonathan {p}
No direct experience.

I think you will find that all turbo's will be after fit. Mazda didn't release any stock cars with turbo's, although mazda uk and australia have commissioned some conversions.

I think the conversion costs are excessive for this to happen on a regular basis. I read somewhere that a stage 1 cost around £2500 (0-60 7.5 secs) and a stage 2 cost around £7500 (0-60 5 secs). Not really worth it when the car itself is only worth £15k.

Loads of info available when you search on google.

MX-5 Turbo - Ben {P}
I think turbo technics did an approved conversion.
MX-5 Turbo - AR-CoolC
I mat be wrong but I think the turbo is a grey import.
MX-5 Turbo - glowplug
I have a american book on turbocharging and throughout there's various references to aftermarket kits available for the Miata (MX-5).

MX-5 Turbo - Dave N
Brodie Britain Racing in Brackley did an official version that was sold for a while.
MX-5 Turbo - Rob C
I thought that MX-5s were better suited to super-charging.
I saw one in Brighton like that, had an intake in the bonnet.
MX-5 Turbo - martint123
It's quite a common mod and there are a few kits to do it.
There was a Mazda BBR Turbo that was Mazda approved and warrantied.

Lots of power is available.

The basic MX5 engine is based on one that normally had a turbo fitted, so is strong enough. Reliability seems to be no problem, as folk are fitting them to early MX5's with 100k miles plus on them. (miats is the name of the US model) and are sources of info.

Superchargers are less common, but in use.

Looking at 20% to 25% insurance hike for these mods.

MX-5 Turbo - Maz
Thank you all so much for your help so far. Most of my questions have been answered, but if anyone has anything else to add, I'm still grateful for more knowledge/opinions.

It is the BBR turbo I'm looking at. The remaining question in my mind is - how much over a regular MX5 are these fetching in the 2nd hand market?
MX-5 Turbo - glowplug
Hi again,

The book I mentioned was called 'Maximum Boost' by Corky Bell. Amazon list it.

MX-5 Turbo - thebouncingbunny
i have heard that the turbo can be hard on gearboxes.tho ive never driven the turbo i would stongly reccomend trying a standard car in good fettle,it may be that you would enjoy it as much without the extra worry and costs.ive got a 1.8i very enjoyable.
MX-5 Turbo - Maz
Thanks bouncer. I have a standard car in exceptional fettle. I agree it's great, but perhaps a little underpowered after a year or so.

I'm also drawn to the rarity of the beast. The one I saw for sale has gone whilst I've been stuck near Le Mans - where the Mazda (whisper it) actually broke down, so I still don't know how much extra these are!
MX-5 Turbo - Drivinmad
Hiya Maz, I've actually got a MX5 Turbo (BBR conversion) on a 92 Eunos import. The cars been in the country for 6 years, personal import by a Doctor and was rebuilt as a Turbo with a new engine about 26k ago. I change the oil every 6k and have had no problems at all with reliability and return about 30 mpg on average. Very quick for overtaking etc and over 130 mph! Also it might be coming up for sale if i can bear to sell it!!! Anything else you need to know let me know
MX-5 Turbo - Maz
Thanks Drivin.

I seem to belong to a very small group of people who've had an MX5 break down on them. That said, when we limped into a French garage a crowd of people gathered round and the words 'Quelle Bete' were muttered. They wouldn't take a penny for sorting it either.

Anyhow, if you were to sell it, how much would you ask and what colour is the beast? Also, is it a BIG handful in the wet?
MX-5 Turbo - Drivinmad
Well Maz I've only ever span her once and the tyres were low but still legal so I reckon you need to have decent tyres but she's not twitchy at all. The power is progressive with the turbo and drives like a torquey 2 litre rather than a peaky blown motor. She's white with black roof and has different nose cone and five spoke alloys. She was rebuilt as a turbo about 26k ago with a recon engine and fully serviced since, in the process of servicing her again actually. I'd probably be asking more than book value for her as she's is special and in very good condition probably around 5 and half mark. Let me know if you're interested and I can probably dig out some pics to send!! Cheers

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