6 week wait - AR-CoolC
I'm just in the process of entering the big wide world of the company car driver. I've chosen the Fiat Stilo Multiwagon JTD Dynamic.
The lease company that deals with us has just informed me that the dealer is quoting a 6 week delivery. Does this sound normal ? having bought private cars in the past I've never waited more than a fortnight for delivery, granted they were all Fords ( 2 Pumas and a Focus) but 6 weeks sounds like a long time to me. As I say this is my first venture into the world of lease companies and the like.
Any comments (apart from WHY a stilo)!!
6 week wait - teabelly
If it is a 6 week wait then it is likely yet to be built rather than from stock lying around on an air field.

Good choice of car as they have acres of room and decent equipment levels. Did you get the large glass roof thingy? I thought the engine was a bit noisy at idle but the one we tried was a year old and due for a service so the new ones may be better. It picked up pretty well and didn't sound too raucous even from cold. I'd have one but I'm far too mean to pay out 14k for a car that isn't a classic!
6 week wait - daveyjp
It depends on the car and the spec. There are airfields full of Fords so the chances are the spec will be around somewhere. If there are non in the UK with the spec you require it will have to be made to order. 6 weeks doesn't seem excessive - a friend has just ordered a smart with about four options and his delivery date is 12 weeks from the order date - this used to be 16 weeks.
6 week wait - I am a fool
Why a Stilo? (sorry - had to ask!)

I'd have to disagree with the above - personally i'm not sure why you'd pick one. company car or no company car. Surely there are better choices unless its really cheap and the tax bill is lower than a Ford KA?

Also with Fiats financial trouble they might end going the way of Lancia which could be a pain for servicing etc.

6 weeks for a new car sounds reasonable tho as its foreign and not massively easy to find a new dealer.
6 week wait - AR-CoolC
The main reason was price. Because I'm only on the lowest category for CC in our company I didn't have a huge budget, however with Fiats financial troubles there are massive discounts out there, Thus I can get hold of a large car ( requirements of a 5 month old and all that comes with her )that has as many buttons as you could ever want.

I couldn't quite afford the full length sunroof (£600) option.But it does have 16" alloys, dual zone climate control, CD player, elec windows, mirrors etc. its even got a heated/cooled glove box (why you would want to transport warmed up ice cubes is beyond me).

But looks like I'll have to wait 6 weeks, thanks for your input all.
6 week wait - Dude - {P}
that has as many buttons as you could ever want.

Great having buttons, but hope you don`t expect them to work for too long on a Fiat !!!!
6 week wait - Baskerville

It's sheep you're up against as far as opinions on FIAT are concerned. I've been acquainted with three high mileage ones over the last decade and they've all been perfectly fine. You're right, you get a lot of car for your money.

6 week wait - Altea Ego
According to my info, delivery via a leasing company (arval phh in this case) for Multiwagons is quote "12 weeks - limited availability"

6 week wait - Pugugly {P}
Mmmm ! Don't mention leasing companies delays, my replacement car
took them at least three months to sort and I eventually ended up with an "upgrade". Suspect that "my" car is, as we speak, rotting in the channel.
6 week wait - Marcos{P}
Think yourself lucky.
When my old man ordered his SLK before they came out he still had to wait two years for delivery and when I placed my last order for a new E-Class they were just begining to get into the 6 month wait.
At least you know it's a fresh one and hasn't been sitting around for ages.
Best of luck with it, I'm sure Fiats aint that bad.


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