Jag XJRR on TG - CM
Am I being cynical here by thinking that Jaguar took back the XJRR, mucked around with the suspension/handling so much and returned it so that it would not be capable of doing a quicker lap time than the DB7 GT?
Jag XJRR on TG - Morris Ox
May be a little. Remember how old the DB7 is underneath the skin - the chassis platform started out as the XJS.
Jag XJRR on TG - Marcos{P}
Talking of Jags, did you see the James Bond one yesterday on the programme. Stange but I saw it a few hours before coming out of Hertford complete with roof mounted Gatling gun and 007 trade plates.
Very odd.
Jag XJRR on TG - Paul531
Was it not the XK RR

The XJ is the big saloon

The XK is the 2+2 / roadster / some would say E-Type replacement / that appears in new bond film
Paul {Forest of Bowland}
Jag XJRR on TG - CM
yes - think you're correct.

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