Object to This Stupidity - Ben79
HJ, Will this be in the Telegraph on Saturday? I think a lot of non forum readers will be interested.

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Object to This Stupidity - daveyjp
Since the work started on the viaduct reducing it to two lanes you can rarely get above 50 mph anyway! Have they considered whether the reduction in lanes on the viaduct has led to an increase in pollution - I regularly hear of solid traffic from Jcn 35 to jcn 31 on the M1.
Object to This Stupidity - THe Growler
I note their remark "Any abusive comments will be removed". Presumably they're expecting some!
Object to This Stupidity - Nortones2
According to their guestbook someone by the name of Growler has left this \"pink fluffy dice with covert political agendas as usual.\" This could of course be an impostor who wishes to sully Growlers repuation. By the way, \"they\" include the FTA. I trust HJ will disown such verbal hooliganism, if this is a true record.
Object to This Stupidity - martint123
Their questionaire doesn't seem to be working yet - their 'manifesto' or whatever they call it "isn't available for download yet". Typical - they're really listening to our feedback NOT.

Object to This Stupidity - Obsolete
This could of course be an impostor who wishes to sully Growlers repuation

Or improve it? :)

I wonder if these are the same people that support road bumps?
Object to This Stupidity - tunacat
Talk about irony! It's not that many years ago that the Tinsley viaduct passed about 6 WORKING cooling towers (okay, they only produce water vapour, but there must have been an awful lot of hydrocarbon being burnt very close by), many WORKING steelworks, and some chimney thing, belonging to the gasworks I presume, from which a 6 foot high yellow flame burnt, 24 hours a day! The whole area stank of bad eggs!

And this was when all the cars were gulping leaded 4 star from off-tune carburettors and catalytic converters were some new fangled thing only the Americans were beginning to think about.

The situation nowadays bears no comparison with 20 years ago. It's more likely nowadays that the air is polluted by legionnaire's disease from all the air conditioning in Meadowhall shopping centre.

Sure, no-one objects to the idea of clean air, but trying to promote it HERE? They're having a laugh. What's next? - extending the boundaries to include it in the Peak District National Park??
Object to This Stupidity - Flat in Fifth
Tunacat wrote:

a lot of home truths about the area around Tinsley viaduct.

Additionally we must not forget the stinky Blackburn Meadows..... errrm, effluent treatment plant. The pong from this being so bad at one time that perfume had to be added to avoid the people in Wincobank being gassed by the stench.

And as tunacat states the annihilation of the Sheffield & Rotherham steel industry has contributed a lot to the clean up. Additionally the mamba amounts of investment made to clean up emissions from the remaining works.

What I couldn't grasp was why, in the context of this action plan, they were moaning about Meadowhall car parks being used as an unofficial park & ride to the city centre. Double standards methinks.

Object to This Stupidity - eMBe {P}
The survey is at
and I have just filled it in. Remember to add comments to each question.

So far, it seems only 3 people have filled in the questionnaire.
Object to This Stupidity - martint123
7 now - the no's are winning at present.

It wasn't working last night - is now.
Object to This Stupidity - Citroënian {P}
Only about 20 votes as far as I can see, but they now include mine. (disagreeing in the main) I spent a year or so in Sheffield and the air quality is the least of their concerns if you ask me.

Whatever next? Gravitation pull of passing traffic affecting tree growth? Harumph.

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