David Jefferies died Thursday - sean
I know this is a motoring forum, but we should say something about David Jefferies, who was killed this Thursday while practicing for the 2003 TT motorcycle race.

I knew David well, at his father's bike shop in Shipley, near Leeds. A warm, welcoming family if ever there was one.

Every year the Japanese would release their newer, better bike which was 0.5kg lighter than last year's.

Well, here was 18 stone David who won the TT outright, set the fastest lap record of about 127mph around the 35 mile-odd course, and raced against the original 7-stone weaklings.

Absolute respect.The whole motoring world has lost a great talent.
David Jefferies died Thursday - Daedalus

Have to agree totally with you. How he managed to get a bike around the course at an AVERAGE of over 125 beats me. Last year on the mountain I managed about 170 for some of it on the Blackbird, but even on this, the fastest section, if I got anywhere near 100 average I would have been very suprised. As you say ABSOULUTE RESPECT and a tragic loss.

David Jefferies died Thursday - Harmattan
Twenty five years ago when I last visited the TT, I thought those guys then were brave averaging about 112 mph or so; 127 mph needs a lot of courage as well as talent. A very sad loss when any competitor dies, but especially so on the Island where they are probably the most enthusiastic riders of all.
David Jefferies died Thursday - matt35 {P}
This is a motoring forum - not especially a car forum - we all share the same roads.
I am sure I am not alone in asking you to pass condolences to the family of David from this website - we share your loss.

David Jefferies died Thursday - andymc {P}
I'd like to add my condolences as well. I live in the same part of the world that Joey Dunlop came from. The whole community felt a real sorrow and deep sense of loss when he died, so I can appreciate how everyone must be feeling round your way sean.
David Jefferies died Thursday - sean
Look, I hope you don't mind me adding a bit. I don't want to spoil anyone's weekend. I just want you to know that Tony Jefferies sold the Saltaire Road shop they'd owned for donkeys years to finance racing. They concentrated on their BMW centre down the road and you could walk in there and see David polishing the bikes.
I used to say "now then, you fat pink fluffy dice ", and he'd grin from ear to ear. "Got yourself a nice BMW to potter about on then?".
The family organised rideouts from there over the weekend.
David could leave you for dead on a Honda 90, let alone a Be-em.

Thanks for your kind words.
I'll print them off and take them across next week.
David Jefferies died Thursday - Altea Ego
Utter respect to anyone who drives the Isle of man TT. I do hope David Jefferies is the last. I have to say I think it should be banned (and this from the man who regrets the day they stopped using the banking at Monza!) Wasnt Joey Dunlop the previous victim on the isle of man? Its cost too many heros, enough I say.
David Jefferies died Thursday - Tom Shaw
As tragic as David Jeffries death was, he was a man who new only too well the risks he was taking by riding the TT. No one is forced to take part, just as Djiero Kato was not compelled to ride in GP's where he was killed this year.

It is all to easy to call for a ban on every activity that is deemed to be carry a risk, but in truth it is the business of no one but the competitors in these events as to whether they take part or not.

Joey Dunlop died in a 125 race in Eastern Europe, not on the Island.
David Jefferies died Thursday - martint123
As it says on all tickets and signs at venues -
motor racing is dangerous
Crying shame and extremely sad but those we have lost have themselves lost friends and competitors and chose to carry on.

Speed is an addictive mind-altering drug that the masses pay for at 60 quid and 3 points a shot, the TT guys mainline it.
David Jefferies died Thursday - andymc {P}
Reasonable opinions expressed above from both perspectives about pros & cons of racing, but I think it would be best if we saved that debate for another thread, just out of respect for David Jefferies.
David Jefferies died Thursday - THe Growler
No - if it werre banned, from where would we find our heroes then?
David Jefferies died Thursday - Martin Devon
No - if it werre banned, from where would we find
our heroes then?

Not from pen pushers Growler, That\'s for sure.


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