Alloy Wheel grinding? - Dan
Hi Guys,

The alloys on my car were curbed by a previous owner - is there some sort of service beyond simply cleaning to tidy 'em up?

Re: Alloy Wheel grinding? - fecker
Yeah - you can get them refurbished - should be about £40 a wheel.
Look in yellow pages. I'll be paying them a visit too....... repeat after me .. never let your girlfriend drive your Type R..........never let your girlfriend drive your Type R..........
Re: Alloy Wheel grinding? - honest john
Yes. A number of alloy wheel refurbishers are listed in the FAQ answer on this website.

Re: Alloy Wheel grinding? - Robert Harvey

I had an Omega MV6 alloy wheel redone by Prestine in Milton Keynes - excellent - here is their web site.

Regards ............. Robert

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