One for Volvo anoraks - SjB {P}
I thought that generic* engine and gear box were the only carry over assemblies from previous generation V70 to current (P26 platform) model, but I'm in Sweden today, where I noticed that a colleague's five year old V70R has exactly the same rear seat construction as my new V70 2.4T, even though the trim is different. Not only are things like the adjustable rake mechanism the same, but so are the load nets that scroll out of the back of them, and the catch that ensures when folded forward, they do so in to what is exactly a horizontal position.

I wonder what else...?

I guess not suspension and chassis componentry, because his turning circle is much tighter than mine, despite a similar wheelbase and running on identical 225/45x17 tyres.

* I say 'generic' because many detail engine changes *were* made, especially with engine management hardware and software, which are completely different.

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