Ford Focus Rusting Tailgate - jprosser
Can anyone help? I have a four year focus that has started to rust by the back window where it comes to a v shape (above the Ford badge on the tailgate). I took it to my Ford Dealer and they said it was not perforation, even though you can see the rust through the glass. After looking on this site I know that focuses are known for this fault. Is there any one out there, that has had a similar problem and have been back to Ford?

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Ford Focus Rusting Tailgate - Blue {P}
I'm afraid I know little about this specific subjectm plus I'm quite drunk at the moment, but I know that is more common on Focuses with the chrome stri[p on the tailgate which would suggest a design flaw...

Aopologies foe any bad spelling, I shouldn't post at this time of morning after such a heavy nite! ;-)

Ford Focus Rusting Tailgate - James_Jameson
Ford - "Engineered to Last" is their latest advertising slogan!

I'll never buy another one after my experiences with (a new) one.
Ford Focus Rusting Tailgate - Blue {P}
Further to my posting last night, if it's a design flaw with the Chrome strip tailgate, then I would imagine that you have more cause for getting it fixed, the only Focuses that I have ever seen with rusty tailgates have the chrome strip...

Failing that, I would imagne that you could force them to accept that it is perforation if you keep at them long enough.

Good luck.



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