Not getting top speed mph - Dezzy
This question is probably "how long is a piece of string" but I'll give it a go anyway.

I have a 2.1 diesel Renault Trafic van which was converted to a Camper Van from new. It is 1992 and done 48,000 miles.

I have been told the van is under powered for a 2.1 diesel. I can get 60mph out of it but I presumed this was because it was a heavy vehicle. Other Camper Van owners, with the same model and conversion, claim to get 75mph out of theirs.

Where do I start diagnostics ??? The van has just had a full service and timing belt changed but I still only get 55 - 60mph out of it. Also, at start up, there is a lot of white smoke coming out of the exhaust which clears after a few mins. Oil level is okay and so is the coolant level. The engine is also quite erratic at start up but once warm, is okay. Someone suggested that I should change all of the glow plugs as one maybe faulty - would this make any difference.
I seems to "drink" quite a bit of diesel as well but maybe this is because I am recently doing a lot of short stop/start journeys in it.

Thank for any help. Excellent forum by the way - much more useful than my local garage.
Not getting top speed mph - Marcos{P}
What you've got to remember is it's a heavy vehicle with an older type diesel engine and it has the aerodynamics of a house brick.
Not getting top speed mph - jc
Don't necessarily believe the other people;you need to run the vehicles side by side.Also,there may differences in gear ratios and final drives-just because they are similar conversions does not mean that these will be the same-most manufacturers would take whatever they could get.The short wheelbase Transit for example was available at one time with a choice of final drives 3.91,4.11,4.63,5.14 and 5.83,then there were 3 manual and one auto g/box and about eight different tyre sizes.Similar for the long wheelbase except axles started at 4.11 and went upto 6.17.
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Check the injector pump timing. It could be half a tooth out on the belt and give the symptoms you describe. A replacement belt won't cure this if the new belt is fitted in the same timing position as the old one. Some pumps are adjustable enough to allow for 'fine tuning' during the installation of the belt.
This usually means that manufacturers timing procedures and tools have to be used.
Not getting top speed mph - Dezzy
How easy do you think it would be, (for a novice) to check the timing belt alignment myself.

I can see there is a plate covering the belt but how do I check the allignment. Can I move the 'cogs' by hand to see if all the markings are in place, (the cogs apparently have a marking that should be lined up with a marking on the cover plate).

Not getting top speed mph - Frog man
good luck, checking the timing belt on most cars is a serious job, or a 5 spanner mark according to Haynes, the God's of mechanics. I'd ask your local garage!!!!
Not getting top speed mph - Dezzy
How do you tell if a glow plug is defunct.

Would you expect the engine to 'bounce' when starting up and also get a smokey exhaust for a few mins.

It looks a relatively easy, but fiddly job, to change them.
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The question to ask here is - has it always been that way? If the answer is no - then start looking for the reason. As mentioned, dont take everyone elses assertions of top speed as gospel, it could be "mine is bigger than yours" syndrome


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