astra 1.7td jerking - marty
hi my mk3 astra 1.7td tends to jerk (kangaroo) in 3rd gear when its warmed up or under pressure ie going up hill or on low revs any ideas
astra 1.7td jerking - Railroad
Plenty of ideas.

Change your fuel filter.
Make sure there are no air leaks in the fuel line around the filter to the pump, or back to the fuel tank.
Have a compression check done.
Have your injector nozzles checked by a diesel fuel specialist to ensure that they crack off at the right pressure, and the spray is good. Replace them if necessary
Check to make sure the advance solenoid on the pump is working. This is fed from a relay next to the glow plug relay, and switches in from the alternator when the engine is running and reaches a speed just above idle.
Change your injector pipes.
As a last resort and only when you've checked everything else increase the fuel screw on the pump. It's best to leave this to someone who knows because it will increase exhaust smoke and increase fuel consumption.
astra 1.7td jerking - robertstyles
as above , plus try an injector cleaner for diesels first , for about 4 to 5 pounds worth trying first, double what they say on the tin when adding to the fuel , sounds like pump or injectors to me , go to a scap yeard and get a set of injectors before buying new ones ,chances are this will work
good luck ,


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