Nostalgia - vinyl roof - Michael
looking through some old photo's yesterday and found pictures of my old Triumph Dolomite 1850, red with black vinyl roof, also found pics of my old Avenger, metallic dark green with tan tinyl roof. Suddenly realised that I havn't seen a car with a nice piece of vinyl on the roof for years. Why is that?
Re: Nostalgia - vinyl roof - mike harvey
Someone ran from roof to roof down a whole line of used cars at a dealership I worked at in the early eighties. All ended up with vinyl roofs. Why did the go out of fashion? Hard to clean, peeled off at the edges, got bubbles in in hot weather, looks very dated.
Re: Nostalgia - vinyl roof - Brian
They used to be seen on second hand ex taxis to cover up the screw holes from the roof-top signs.
Re: Nostalgia - vinyl roof - Marc
In the 70s by Dad had a new Mk II Capri Ghia in white with a black vinyl top. It was a very long, dirty task keeping it looking nice with boot polish and a brush. It didn't peel or anything, it was quite a thick heavy duty fitting.

I remember seeing various later cars with very thin, obviously aftermarket, ones that peeled - probably used to hide the fact that the cars had been rolled eg Minis, Mk III Escorts
Re: Nostalgia - vinyl roof - steve paterson
You used to be able to buy spray on vinyl roofs. The kit consisted of a tin of thin underseal and a couple of plastic strips. They were stuck on to look like the seams of the real thing.
Re: Nostalgia - vinyl roof - Ian Cook
Yes, and do you remember the stick-on Fablon type wood grain used on some Ford estates - I think that's when they called them "shooting brakes" (or is it breaks?)
Re: Nostalgia - vinyl roof - Marc
Would that be on a Corsair - rear pillars?

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